Get The 5 Essential Trauma Skills To Improve Your Life & Practice!

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Advanced Coaching Certification For Practitioners of All Sorts

Counselors | Yoga Teachers | Massage Therapists | Energy Workers | Integrative Practitioners | Somatic Therapists










Bridge the talents of mindfulness practitioners, Energy Healers and Body-Centered Trauma Specialists | For Practitioners of all types – Transform Pain to Power!

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Is it time to bring your intuitive awareness out of the closet and into your practice? Discover the missing piece to your work and experience the next evolution of psychotherapy, healing and spiritual awakening!

Break free from the constraints of your current discipline – discover what’s possible when you learn how to effectively work with the “whole-human” the mind, the body and the quantum reality where subtle energy can awaken and transform even the most painful experiences. Specifically this powerful evidence-based change orientation also includes neuropsychology, neurobiology, and attachment theory, and we give you the ability to deeply understand you (or your clients) reactive limbic brain function, the biology of thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and relationships.

Do you have a healing or therapeutic practice, but feel burned out and unable to attract clients you really want?

Would you like advanced trauma skills which prevent re-wounding and initiate a practice which encompasses the “whole human” ~  including subtle energy?

Do you long to connect to your inner power, but feel weakened by your own emotional pain, illness, or trauma?

Are you done with fluffy “feel -good-but-get-nowhere” spiritual growth tactics and are ready to embrace a deep, grounded system of transformation?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place.
There are skills to creating a fulfilling practice which aren’t taught in school. They are essential.

Explore our specialized learning options customized for you.

TLC Certification

Learn essential skills to reprogram the brain, body & energy systems, calm the reactive nervous system, & transform negative emotions. Move away from your false self and into your Core Being.

one on one coaching for therapists massage threrapists reiki

Private Sessions

Discover how to show up in your bigger spiritual brilliance so people notice and listen to you. Playing small is the old you, find the real you! Claim your free session today.


Learn advanced skills in your own time. Take individually or combine with private sessions to get the best of all the skills. CEUs earned with online courses.


Experiential learning in the safety of small groups. Unique therapeutic topics taught at each training. CEUs earned by completing workshops.

Access The 5 Essential Trauma Skills to Improve Your Life & Your Practice!

Access The 5 Essential Trauma Skills to Improve Your Life & Your Practice!

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