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Free Demo-Connect to Your Centered Oneness of All!


This is an excellent hands-on energy healing positive resource intervention to help yourself or clients.  It connects a person to the Centered Oneness of all dimension.   The higher self sometimes even reincarnates at deeper levels through this technique.

For instance, if it is true that we are all one…then it must also be true that we all can tap into the energy and consciousness of that “Oneness”.  It will help us raise our vibration, and raise our consciousness.  For instance, if the “oneness” of all of us is like a symphony of musical notes, then we can learn to tap into that symphony of notes by connecting to it energetically.  This helps us foster peace and harmony

Once we have raised our vibration through this Mind Energy Body (Me-B) Transformation intervention, we can do the same thing  again but also expand it to include all the dimensions, worlds and galaxies.

the energy of the consciousness of oneness

Consciousness of Oneness, Multi-Dimensional Fabric

This is called the Multi-Dimensional Fabric of Interconnectedness Healing. When the energy comes in, it looks like ribbons of rainbow flows just like the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights.  Watch the video and it will describe how to do it.

Lastly, as we are expanded to these higher frequencies, often the wisdom of the Star Child Energies come in to support us.  Star Child EnergiesOften when they come it they look like golden computer chips that hold the lessons we learned when we lived on other planets.  Once again, watch the video for details and contact me for support.  Also, contact us for a picture of these amazing energies!  To learn more, attend our Awakening Process Group, our Certification Program in Mind Energy Body Transformation and order the Explorer’s Mind-A Map to Freedom.

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