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Below is a link for an Energy Transformations Jan/Feb Newsletter. It is filled with inspirational articles for healing, encouraging you to move forward, and expanding consciousness in the New Year. Feel free to share this newsletter with others. The articles that are in this edition include:

Allowing the New Energy to Flow by Dawn Fleming
Planetary Weirdness or Glimples into a Simple Truth by Peter Jackson
Eating to Raise Your Vibration by Sharon Greenspan
If Energy Is Consciousness Then…. by Carolyn Eberle
Reiki and Pregnancy, A Wonderful Combination by Amanda Sachs

The newsletter can also be viewed at http://www.energytransformations.org/newsletter.html . Also included are Happenings, Workshops, and Holistic Classifieds. Energy Transformations seeks articles and poetry that inspire, raise consciousness, educate, are about healing, life experiences that were transformational, or techniques or processes that will enhance wellness. Send articles of 1000 words or less to mylifeisgood22@cox.net for consideration. If you are interested in advertising in this newsletter check out our affordable pricing at
http://www.energytransformations.org/newsletter_advertise.html The newsletter goes out to over 13,000 readers interested in holistic health and spirituality. The next deadline for advertisements is Feb 15th.

Many Blessings in the New Year,
Dawn Fleming
Director, Energy Transformations

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