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Are You Ready To Take The Reins?

It is never fun to feel difficult emotions and look at the parts of ourselves that don’t serve us any more.   When Knight Waltz, my 3-Day Event horse, was on the cross country jump course, as soon as his hind feet left the ground, as he soared through the air, his attention when to “hunt” for the next exciting obstacle to overcome.

How can we make owning and claiming our life challenges with as much zest?  Can it be a fun process so we “hunt” for the next emotion or limiting belief to transform?   If we don’t find the fun and adventure in life’s challenges, we might miss important opportunities to change.

Even though facing a big hurdle is scary and even painful, find someone that helps you at least understand you are NOT that energy of pain.  You are much more and, with practice and patience, you can learn how to connect to the discomfort in a manner that helps you reconnect to the god consciousness within you.

I would love to have you join our Awakening group that starts soon-and/or-find the right support for you.  Yes! Whatever support group or healing opportunities you chose for yourself, let it be something amazing and magical. Life obstacles can become fun events, just like they were for my horse Knight Waltz and I.

Below is a story written by Sara, a student of mine who used the skills she got from Mind Energy Body TransformationTM as a launching pad for so much more!

“I felt guided to join Mind Energy Body TransformationTM out of a deep desire to embrace and hone my healing gifts. I wanted to work my “process” in a way that would usher in profound shifts in various areas of my life so that I could eventually embark upon my own spiritually-based career.

“When I learned of the depth, uniqueness, and variety that this group process offered, I knew that this would be the perfect platform for me to transform what was hindering my potential and delve deeply into my passions.

“Honestly, I was sick of being told that the pathway to change came through the act of “feeling my feelings” alone. I had been in therapy for several years as well as other healing circles, and discovered that feeling my feelings did not necessarily lead to transformation of the pain. In fact, the process often left me paralyzed in fear, it re-activated the trauma in a way that led me to collapse, and I was left in a state of confusion as to what I was doing wrong.

“To my utmost delight was that Mind Energy Body TransformationTM offered an abundance of techniques for shifting the Mind, Energy, and Body systems.  Additionally, I was educated in utilizing a process that facilitates the deep transformation I had been longing for, but was previously unsuccessful in finding.

” I was incredibly relieved to find that such a program existed, but I never could I have guessed what a life-altering, powerfully transformative journey it would be!


“Not only did I experience the most welcoming and safe group container to support my transformation process, but now I truly feel more empowered, confident, and in alignment with my authentic truth then I ever dreamed possible!

“Whereas before I found myself disempowered and collapsing into pain and old patterns, now I have tools to assist me moment to moment in deepening my connection to my authentic essence; my Core Being. I no longer consider myself a victim to “old programming”, because now I am aware of my Choice Points and how


“I can engage my Enlightened Observer to help me to reprogram my mind, energy, and body systems.

” I am also now aware of how to utilize the power of intention in order to make choices that will align me with my Core Being rather than the painful Programmed Personality of my past.

“Mind Energy Body TransformationTM is truly a revolutionary opportunity and I am so grateful for the wealth of knowledge and invaluable tools that I can now use to support others and myself through our healing processes!”

Sara, Mind Energy Body TransformationTM Graduate

Our Awakening Group Starts in April so call/register now!  Click this link http://mebschooloftransformation.com/opportunities/the-awakening-group/



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