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You Can Become The Maker Of The Dream, Too!

With The Potent New Energies Coming In, So Much More Is Now Possible!

For the first time ever, everyone in my Mind Energy Body Transformation Certification training class saw the green energy covering a student’s arms, neck and shoulders!  It revealed itself as if it was an everyday occurance and not the miracle we all knew it to be.

After something like that happens, it makes it easier to ask the question, “what is real?”  I teach that there is a deeper truth continually available to us. Yet in our busy lives, it’s so hard to open to this deeper reality. Last week my students visited this deeper reality and collectively experienced it first-hand.

It was only class 7 of 12 when this  event took place.   One student came to class late because she had experienced a ski accident that tore her knee significantly.  As she checked in with the group, she explained how she used the skills learned in class and “worked on her knee” all night long.

As she talked, I noticed her field turn this magnificant healing green color! It was so clear and amazing that I urged the other students to sit around me.  I expanded my field to include them and soon they were shouting, “I see it, I can’t believe it but I see it!  It’s as easy to see as the coffee cup next to her!”

One student was still unable to see so I placed my hand on his leg, deepened our connection and expanded my energy field even more.  It took only a second and he too joined the group’s seeing.

So why is this event so significant?  What does it all mean?  The new energies coming in to earth right now offer a unique opportunity to awaken our consciousness and melt away the illusions that we are separate from Source/God…use the word that works for you.

During this catalytic time that’s unfolding here on Earth, I encourage you to find the support you need to awaken your “Super Powers” to know (even in the most painful moments) that there is no separation between you and Source (Core Being.) For in this new reality, we hold the power to be  the makers of the dream.

At the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation, we offer certifications, Awakening Groups, and events to help you not only remember this deeper truth…but to actualize it within you and your life. Our next Mind Energy Body Transformation Certification begins June 17th and on May 3rd our Awakening Group starts.  Each program is listed on our website and I look forward to meeting you and telling you about these amazing opportunities! Call me at   720-530-7621.

Many Blessings As You Awaken~


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