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Did you know that there already exists an energetic template for everything you desire to create, change or improve in your life? It’s written into your mind, body and cells, and you can learn to alter the un-supportive roots of the template!

Energy is the “formless” that you must connect to so the form of your life can change. Additionally, emotional pain and relationships can also become the fuel to change the forms in your life.

We all can forget the truth that we are Source. Yet, chakras, the Auric Field, and other energy dimensions are powerful resources that can profoundly elevate your Awakening Process by enhancing your connection to Source.

Our upcoming Mind Energy Body Transformation Certification Program and our Awakening Process Group are several additional avenues of support available to assist you in honing your energy skills, transforming pain and distortions, and awakening to and living from the Source within you.

Reprogramming your Energetic Blueprint throughout  your body is a powerful way to transform and awaken your inner Source. Transform any limiting distortions in your field and deepen your connection to Source by working with your beloved heart. It has served you so beautifully with its deep ability to feel and give love to others, and when you reset its grid, you embody, live, and share more of your brilliance!


Here Are The Steps To Reset The Energetic Grid Of Your Heart Chakra:

STEP 1: Ground Into Your Body

Use your favorite method to ground deeply into your body. A quick and easy method is to use the palm of your hands and pat down your legs (inner-thighs, front/back of lower legs, front/back of thighs, and hips/bum, lower abs/back).  Then place your hands on your thighs and let the energy from the patting melt into the center of the femur/muscles.

Place your hands on the front of your heart and let the energy from them sink in deeply.  Breathe into that area.

STEP 2: Imagine the color of the template–cobalt blue.  See, feel, and sense this color filling the front and back of your heart chakra. Now imagine the actual grid of the blueprint. (see picture to the left)

Notice if the lines of the current grid seem too thick, too thin, broken, too dark or too light. At this point simply collect information about what you imagine the grid to look like now. For instance, too dark/thick lines means the grid is over charged and might hold anger that needs to be reconnected to personal power.  Too light, thin and/or broken grid lines might mean there is a presence of undercharged energy such as sadness or collapsed energy.

Do your best not to judge what is there; simply collect the information with kindness and acceptance.  We all have something that is asking for transformation, and this is an opportunity to support yourself. What is there for you to learn from the current grid?  For instance, do you cling to any negative beliefs or feelings that need to be reconciled?  If so, take some time to be with the feelings/beliefs.

STEP 3: Write down or take note of the wisdom that presents so that you can feel aligned with Source.  Specifically, what are the positive feelings/beliefs waiting to be reclaimed?


STEP 4: Imagine/Feel/Visualize The Energy Of The Positive Feelings/Beliefs Reprograming The Lines In The Grid.

Feel the energy of the Positive Higher Vibrational Consciousness reprograming your heart chakra’s blueprint.  Imagine it/visualize as the energy of Source enters and realigns your heart. Remember, surrender to letting it happen!  No need to “make it happen.”  Rather, believe you can get out of your own way, let Core Being into each cell, and also receive it energetically.  Allow it to penetrate and realign the cobalt blue grid.

If some areas don’t alter, just focus and melt into the areas that do shift. Let it be enough for now and remember to focus on what works and what you can feel/visualize/imagine.  As we focus on what we can do, it grows.

Also, receive the support necessary to use energy as a powerful healing medium by checking out our Awakening Group and Mind Energy Body Transformation Certification Program. Both opportunities are listed on the “opportunities” section of this website. Register now! 720-530-7621

Sending you Blessings and Love on your journey!


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