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You know the song, “Blame It On The Alcohol”?  Yes, a rather catchy title. Yet it should have said, “Blame It On The Neuroplasticity Of Your Brain!” Your brain’s Neuroplasticity is both the cause of your problems yet it can also be the answer.


Why? Because over your lifetime the brain’s Neuroplasticity has reinforced the perpetual unfolding of old programming. These deep “neuro-tracks” that your brain has written into its response systems severely limits your ability your ability to see and respond to the present moment from wisdom, center and wholeness.

The cumulative effects of your past trauma, prenatal/paranatal experiences, parenting style, past events, procedural memory, DNA and habituated neurological hypo or hyper-arousal states have created a Biological Consciousness Container. It makes it very difficult to respond in the present moment as it really exists.

This container creates biological hard wiring that regulates how you react, think and feel.  Therefore, all of us have been programmed to respond to life’s (external stimuli) in a set and uniform manner heavily dictated by our past.

As humans, you might think you are more than your biological programming.  Yet, you are more like Pavlov’s dog than you think!

This means that your brain has placed a biological cap on your level of consciousness, and your happiness has been limited by your physiological programming.  Yet, it is possible to use the neuroplasticity of your brain to shift your old limited neurological programming! With the right energetic toolset, you can engage in your own neurological “re-wiring that connects you deeper to your True Self, your Core Being.”

To illustrate the powerful effects of one’s physiological programming and her ability to raise her consciousness by transforming it, take my client Joan.  She is 34, living alone and her boyfriend John just called telling her he doesn’t want to see her again.  As she hung up the phone, tears steamed down her cheek as she remembered her father abandoning her when she was just 11 years old.  Immediately she felt worthless, unloved and abandoned.  These were familiar feelings, and given the situation, they seemed justified.

What happened is that Joan’s past experiences with her father programmed a typical response of being “left behind” into her brain’s neuro-network and nervous system alarm response.  This means that every time she has experienced rejection, she unconsciously reacted the same way that she reacted the morning her father left.

In Mind Energy Body Transformation we call our biological consciousness container our Programmed Personality.  Yet, you can become a “Transformer” and learn to connect to the energy of the unhealthy programming as a vehicle to reconnect to the deeper truth of who you really are. This deeper truth exists beyond your programming and when it is brought into your biology, it changes your brain, nervous system, and even turns on/off your DNA.


You may be wondering, “If we have a biological consciousness container, do we also have a consciousness container that holds higher consciousness?”

I believe the answer to this question is yes.  I have experienced too many “miracles” where cancer disappears, tumors are no longer found, and I have seen, felt and lived from a reality of pure energy and higher consciousness, myself.

It is exciting to report that research on neuroplasticity indicates that as we are aware of our programming and habituated responses and choose to react differently, we actually change our brain!

In a teleseminar I attended, one of the speakers referenced Donald Hebb, explaining that when you get neurons that fire within a few milliseconds of each other… a variety of things will happen.  For example, it will sensitize existing synapses and make these more responsive so the two neurons are now in effect hooking up with each other.  They are synchronizing, they are changing based on mental activity, which maps to neural activity.  “Also new synapses will form, even literally within a matter of minutes. I have seen electron photographs, electron micrographs of the formation of new synapses in the mouse brain in 10 minutes or less.”

So what we think and feel does makes a difference.

You can learn how to transform your programmed personality and rewire your brain and biology by connecting to the higher consciousness of your True Self, Source, and spiritual wholeness.  In Mind Energy Body Transformation we call the energy of this higher consciousness our Core Being. And we develop the skills so we can use the energy of our Explorer’s Mind, Enlightened Observer and Aligned Intention to help us connect to the particles of energy that raise our consciousness to the level of Core Being.

AWARENESS IS STEP ONE to transformation: As you become aware of your unsupportive programmed responses, you can eventually learn to self-regulate to the higher consciousness of your Core Being.

Simply being aware creates a change in your brain’s neuroplasticity. Yet, it is even better if you can:

(1) Learn to feel the sensation of Core Being in your body
(2) Connect to it as a thought about yourself in the mind and
(3) Experience it as an emotion in both your mind and body.

Free gifts on our web site offer transformative tips to support you in shifting out of your past biological programming.  Download and also reference “The 5 Mindfulness Steps” outlined in the FREE introduction of our book “Explorer’s Mind, A Map to Freedom.”

Other Ideas On How To Transcend Your Programmed Personality Include:
(1) Notice when your Ego is taking charge of your thoughts and actions
(2) Send yourself compassion and kindness–especially when you feel unworthy and imperfect
(3) Acknowledge that when we judge others, there is some lesson waiting for us to learn
(4) Never let your negative emotions define your self-value

We all can forget the truth that we are Source. Yet, you can overcome any “forgetting” that takes choice away by learning to engage your “process” so powerfully that your life and your work elevates to the next level! Check out our Mind Energy Body Transformation Certification Program beginning next month, and other upcoming trainings and events. Register now at 720-530-7621.

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Blessings And Good Luck On Your Soul Travels,
Carolyn Eberle, LPC
Founder Mind Energy Body School of Transformation

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