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Do you find yourself on a threshold, ready to fill your life with more abundance and less of the old, stale, painful dynamics that just aren’t YOU? Are you ready to support your clients in undergoing their next level of soul transformation and awakening?

Are you ready to receive a new set of trauma tools and spiritual awakening skills to support deep transformation within you and/or your clients?

The Mind Energy Body School of Transformation is ready to support you as you prepare to enter your next level of soul empowerment and make the profound impact you long to make. Your soul knows it’s time to unleash your purpose-filled work in an even bigger way and our holistic spiritual approach is fueled by the latest advances in neurobiology, trauma and energy healing to support you in transforming and catalyzing deep healing in yourself and those you serve.

If you feel your current healing or therapeutic approach doesn’t fully support you in sharing your unique gifts in the big way that your soul asks of you, then uncover the missing piece. Discover a more integrated approach that will naturally expand upon your current skill set, helping you to powerfully support your clients in ACTUALIZING their embodied spiritual potential and greater Life Purpose.

You are ready to become certified in Mind Energy Body Transformation if:

  • You are ready to upgrade your Consciousness-Raising skill set and become more masterful with the service you provide
  • You want to avoid burnout and revive your passion and enthusiasm for the healing/therapeutic service you feel called to share with the world
  • You want to learn a systematic approach to transformation that works all three systems of mind, energy and body as one integrated science
  • You are ready to claim your distortions and use them as fuel for healing, transformation, and conscious creation
  • You feel called to live your Life Purpose in a big way and make greater impact through the healing/therapeutic work you provide
  • Your soul is calling you to learn a deeper evolutionary process of healing, therapy and transformation that will help you grow your business by attracting the clients you want to serve

This training is designed for Psychotherapists, Healers, Lightworkers, and anyone interested in being a Powerful Change Agent during this exciting time of planetary change and transformation! As a Mind Energy Body Transformation Guide, you will become proficient in using the next evolution of Body-Centered and Energetic Mindfulness-Based consciousness raising techniques.

The Mind Energy Body Transformation TM Certification Program begins Friday June 17th in Boulder, Colorado, offering 12 classes for certification–each class 2.5 days.

This advanced certification training will be heaping full of spiritually-based:

  • Consciousness-Raising, Transformational Interventions
  • Hands-On Healing Energy Techniques
  • Energetic (no touch) Mindfulness-based, Trauma and Attachment Tools to support you in taking your business and personal growth to the NEXT LEVEL.

Mind Energy Body Transformationsupports you in raising your own consciousness throughout the 12 training sessions. Over this time period, you will learn a sophisticated and holistic system that will help you to create your life and business in a way that reflects your true power, purpose, and capacity to serve.

If you’ve ever noticed that guiding yourself or your clients to “feel it to heal it” doesn’t always anchor you (or them) back into strength and wholeness–but often leads to re-traumatizingthen you’re definitely ready for the next step. You’re ready to learn a system that not only involves feeling and processing pain, but most importantly, transforming pain.

So, if you seek a deeper and more fulfilling expression of your Life Purpose and would like to increase your effectiveness as an Advanced Soul, Healer & Psychotherapist in a big way, Mind Energy Body Transformation™ offers a broad range of “Super Power” Techniques to help your clients deeply transform their pain in a way that was not previously available.

“The Mind Energy Body TransformationCertification changed my life. I have yet to come across another training that has offered instruction in tracking the subtle energy system, body, and mind in a way that enables me to hold such a deep level of light for my clients and myself. It is a gift not only for me to have participated, but for my clients, as well. This training was the key to transforming my marriage and staying fully engaged even when life got challenging. Looking back, I would have paid thousands of dollars for this training, for all that I have learned and for the depth of self-growth that it catalyzed within me and my clients!” ~ Franny Harcey–Healer and Energy Psychotherapist.

  • Learn 5 “Super Powers” to utilize within sessions and teach your clients so they can better dissolve negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions, defenses and ego.
  • Strengthen your Consciousness-Raising skills. Just as lifting weights strengthens your muscles, become masterful with your ability to touch and utilize High Vibrational Energetic Frequencies of pure Source Energy.
  • Learn 5 Steps that transform trauma in all three mind, energy, and body systems. Discover how these steps can empower your clients to use the energy of pain as a portal for reconnecting to their “God Consciousness.” For when you learn the subtle energy skills necessary to track the frequency of mindfulness within your clients, you will become able to masterfully guide them to transmute their pain into High Vibrational Consciousness.
  • Learn how to use the 5 Seeds of Distortion as an assessment and reprogramming tool to heal attachment issues.
  • Learn about the 3 Skills of Adult Consciousness that heal child consciousness challenges.
  • Master the advanced technique of reprogramming hidden negative Archetypical and Ancestral templates. Master the revolutionary practice of using the mind as an energetic tool for transformation.
  • Experience the profound fulfillment of learning and using high-level processing skills. Teach your clients the subtle energy and advanced mindfulness skills necessary to use the energy of pain as a vortex to habituate a reconnection to Core Being in the mind, cells, brain, nervous system and Auric Field.


  • Additionally, you’ll learn an Advanced Emotional Shape-shifting/3-Rings of Awareness System to implement with clients in session and teach them to utilize outside of session.
  • Cancer, and other Chronic Illness Interventions will help you support a broader range of clients.
  • Develop the ability to energetically track your clients’ subconscious blocks, beliefs, and much more.


  • Learn how Chakras, Levels of the Auric Field, Energy of Intention, and Multi-Dimensional energies can help anchor your client into Higher Consciousness and authentic connection to Source.
  • Energetically sense the Child Consciousness, Trauma, Negative Belief, or Distortion within your client  without needing them to tell you what it is.
  • Master working with sexual energies to heal clients’ sexual challenges.
  • Learn to energetically assess and regulate couple and group dynamics.


  • Work with dreams as an energetic construct to awaken deeper into your wholeness.


SIGN UP TODAY to become certified as a Mind Energy Body Transformation Guide and reserve your place (training is limited to 15 participants). For a Registration Form, Brochure, Skills Summary, Policy Procedure or additional information please visit the Mind Energy Body Certification tab on our website below.

http://mebschooloftransformation.com/opportunities/me-b-certification/ and/or contact me at carolyn@mebschooloftransformation.com

12 classes are only $250 (about $20 an hour).
Each class is 2.5 days long.

I would love to meet you in person or speak over the phone to help you decipher whether our certification program is right for you!

Love and Blessings,

Carolyn Eberle, LPC, Founder

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