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You are probably one who feels inspired to compassionately support your family, friends, clients, and your self.  However, in order to do so, it’s imperative that you learn to see below the surface of challenges.  For, just as a clear ocean helps you avoid the coral reef below, clear perception helps you avoid getting trapped by your old unsupportive patterns.

It also helps you to see the beautiful colors below!

As you connect to life challenges with the clear wisdom imbedded within my 5 Core Spiritual Laws, you transform into the awakened spiritual architect of your own life. When you begin to consciously create your life in alignment with these truths, a powerful thing happens:

You witness yourself moving from victim into empowered creator.

Law #1) Every negative life experience creates an opportunity for healing. As you do the deeper work necessary to consciously move through your life difficulties (such as: chronic illness, job loss, grief, break ups, etc.) you always receive a necessary and empowering hidden reward.

Law #2) The universe supports you unconditionally  throughout your day. Remember: it’s always possible to increase your ability to recognize the opportunities the Universe presents to you. As a result, you are then open to receive the abundant benefits provided to you. This is not always the easiest task, yet, as you align to seeing the support, you become much closer to receiving the support!

Law #3) A whole, healed spiritual you (Core Being) exists and is available for you to connect with. You are capable of learning how to self-regulate out of your old programmed personality and back into your spiritual wholeness that holds your deeper truth, whenever you so choose.  This is a life long process that deepens every time you notice when you are reacting from your programmed personality and when you are responding from Core Being.  Allow life to become a moment-to-moment meditation where you learn  to transform the energetic construct of challenge and spend more time living from Core Being!

Law #4) Each emotion, challenge, and belief is an energetic construct.  You can learn to transform that energy in all three mind, energy and body systems. When you begin to do so, these experiences become vehicles to help you connect to Core Being, the whole-healed spiritual you! The transformation process (done skillfully), actually opens an energetic portal to anchor you deeper into your Core Being. Don’t trust your thoughts, feelings and emotions that suggest you are a victim, unworthy, or a failure.  Instead learn to use difficulty as a portal to reconnect you to your Source/True Self. *In Mind Energy Body TransformationTM you learn the formula to make this happen, so that you can continually open to seeing the deeper truth.


Law #5) Expressions of gratitude support consciousness-raising and your ability to manifest your Life’s Task. The energy of gratitude creates an energetic launching pad for the intentions in your life to spring forth. Additionally, gratitude propels you forward in your awakening process.

Exercise To Help You Live & Transform Your Life Through The 5 Spiritual Laws

List your life challenge.  For instance, my life challenge is _____: ( self-confidence, job, partner, money, acknowlegment, success, friends, etc).

Now, close your eyes, ground and take a few moments to feel the energy of gratitude for the opportunity this life challenge can deliver. (For instance, Michael J. Fox wrote a book “Always Looking Up” listing the positive changes in his life that resulted from the challenge of his Parkinson’s disease.)  You too can connect to your challenge in a manner where you can reap a reward as a result of turning the metaphorical lead into gold.

Then follow these steps to further your awakening process. They say the larger the emotional charge, the easier it is to manifest what you want. Learn to use the emotional charge in any difficulty as a vehicle to anchor you deeper into your spiritual wholeness.

Step 1: Connect to your third chakra in the solar plexus area of your body.  Notice any fear or insecurity there.  This is where your ego is held energetically.  It is also where your body/brain/nervous system (Dorsal Vagal Complex) can shut down when you feel you have made a mistake or when you feel life has let you down.

While you are connected to your third chakra, imagine that the only reason this experience is presenting in your life is because you are ready to learn a very valuable lesson.

Feel the sensations, energy and consciousness in your third chakra.  Connect to the lesson that is energetically held there. Take time for yourself to develop this advanced skill. (If you have trouble identifying this information, feel free to get support from a trained Mind Energy Body Guide.)

Step 2: Imagine how the universe is supporting you unconditionally.  Imaging how it is somehow helping you awaken and move out of your negative programmed personality, childhood, and past-life woundings.

See your “challenge” as the universe speaking to you ,saying it is supporting you and that as you move through this difficulty, you will be pointed more clearly in the direction of your Core Being  (spiritual wholeness) and your Life Task.  When doing this, don’t feel you have done something wrong (bad karma) to have this challenge.  None of us deserve illness, attack or bad experiences.  Yet if something negative does happen, we deserve to transform the negative into a huge positive event.

For instance, my childhood was filled with terror and abuse.  I don’t think I deserved that experience.  Yet, I have turned that negative into an amazing and fulfilling Life Task of helping myself and others feel emotional pain in a way that reconnects us to our light.

Feel the truth of this Law as a sensation in your body, a concept in your mind and an emotion in your body and 3rd chakra.

Step 3: Continue to feel this truth spread as a sensation/emotion throughout your body and energy system.  Have it fill your body from toes to nose until you begin to see the “life challenge” from a more broad and clear perspective.

This may take a moment, a week or longer.  Either way, stay with it.  Engage what I call the Explorer’s Mind– your inner spiritual detective that won’t stop investigating until clarity is obtained. Make sure your energy system (and thus your consciousness) expands larger than the energy of the challenge.

If you remain energetically smaller than the challenge, you can be trapped in its distortion, since energy is consciousness. There is no separation between the two.   When you truly expand your energy system, you also raise your consciousness to a high enough frequency for you to solve the puzzle.

Step 4: With this clear perspective, feel deep gratitude that you are an awakening spiritual being living a human and earthly adventure!  Feel grateful that the current life challenge has an opportunity.   And as you see it as such, you will raise your consciousness and anchor deeper into your Core Being.

Step 5: Feel the energy of Core Being in your body, cells and bones.  Also feel the emotion and wisdom of it in your mind.

To assist you, we offer a downloadable video meditation to help you connect to your Core Being $4.99; http://mebschooloftransformation.com/opportunities/order-dvd/

Also, feel free to contact me and/or get support from a trained Mind Energy Body Guide if you have trouble moving through any of these steps!

Love and Blessings,

Carolyn Eberle, LPC and Founder


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