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How Does Your Sense of Self Effect Your Ability to Manifest?
If you feel you are “not good enough” you risk entering a downward streak.   Your feelings about yourself create your reality. Learn 5-Steps to shift your negative sense of self and gain the power to create what you want.  Join us so you actually want to hunt for a difficult emotion about yourself because you know how to transform it into the energy of personal power.  (Details on Free Webinar below)

Learn to Shape Shift Negative Feelings about Yourself and Change Your Life!
(The 1-day events are Free if you join our full 12 class certification program.)

* Dec. 3:  How to Use Anger as A Messenger of Wisdom and Power so it can Help you Overcome Feelings of Failure?  Anger is not good or bad.  It is a biological mandate issued by our Limbic System in our brain.  It is our deepest teacher and best friend – if you have the necessary tools.  Gain these tools and a deeper understanding to the roots of your power!
Saturday, December 3, 2011    10am-5pm ($100)

*  Jan. 28:  How to Use Relationship Challenges and Couples Work as A Conduit to Feel Good About Yourself and Awaken Spiritually?  Be it relationship with a boss, family member, lover or friend, whenever we are triggered we have an opportunity for transformation. Learn how to move into authentic relationship and as a result claim your spiritual wholeness.
Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012    10am-5pm ($100)

*   Feb. 11:  What 3 Skills of Adult Consciousness Overcome the Feelings of Being Less Than? Do you find yourself moving between feeling a victim or acting out in anger?  Come heal this cycle of discomfort and know true empowerment!
Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012    10am-5pm ($100)

*  Feb. 25:  Do You Feel Stuck? How to Re-pattern Negative Trauma Responses By Healing Unhealthy Defenses. Learn how these defenses present energetically and somatically in the body and anchor in Your Internal Saboteur that makes you feel bad about yourself.
Saturday, Feb. 25, 2112    10am-5pm ($100)

* March 10: FREE WEBINAR -“Are You Afraid You Are Not Enough to Fulfill Your Life Task’s Dreams!”  To reserve your free space, email carolyn@mebschooloftransformation.com ASAP!

To sign up for the Free webinar and/or the 1-Day Experiences, email: Carolyn@mebschooloftransformation.com
or call 720-530-7621 and Discover your next evolution of your work and your personal growth! It is FREE! if you join our full 12-Class Certification program.   Location in Northern Boulder. We hope to see you there!

Here’s What You’ll Learn If You Join Our Mind Energy Body Transformation Guide Certification (12-Classes)

How To Incorporate Energy Awareness and Spiritual Transformation Techniques Into Your Trauma, Somatic, And Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapeutic Practice.

  • A Consciousness-Raising Formula That Reveals Negative Patterns/Beliefs And Reprograms/Balances The Brain, Energy System And Body
  • How Your Manifest Energy Intention Line Can Serve As A Resource To Support You Or Your Client In Feeling And Transforming A Challenging Emotion, Without Identifying With It Or Collapsing Into It.
  • How Anger, Anxiety, And Depression Present Energetically And Also Exist As Portals For Us To Reconnect To Our Personal Power.
  • How Your Negative Programmed Personality Has Kept You Trapped In Struggle And Limitation, But How Your Core Being Can Help You Easily Shift Back Into Your Power, Creativity, And Strength.
  • How the Archetypal Healing Interventions Will Help Your Clients Shift Out Of The Negative Archetypes They Unconsciously Embody, And Anchor Back Into The Powerful Archetypes Waiting To Express.
  • How Ancestral Lineage Consciousness Can Be Energetically Rewired So It No Longer Sabotages Your Current Relationships, But Opens Access To Joy.
  • How Energy Awareness Will Supply You With New Inroads To healing Trauma Attachment Issues so you create deep and meaningful relationships while achieving conflict resolution skills.
  • How to Connect To Cancer or Chronic Illness to Create Wisdom, Light and Healing.

The Mind Energy Body Transformation Certification Program:
-Offers 12 classes, with each class 2.5 days long.
-We begin March 2012
-Cost: $250 per class.

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