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What’s wrong with our world?           What can we do to make it better?


Tom Shadyac, one of Hollywood’s most successful directors (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Nutty Professor), had it all. Then a serious bike accident turned his world upside down, causing him to question everything. Seeking answers, Shadyac talks with Desmond Tutu, David Suzuki, Lynne McTaggart, Noam Chomsky and other leading thinkers, asking them two essential questions: “What’s wrong with the world?” and  “What can we do to fix it?”

Shadyac skillfully mixes interviews, breathtaking cinematography and personal narrative, making I AM a joyful, profound and inspiring documentary. Audiences fortunate enough to see it in theaters left feeling uplifted, positive about the future and inspired to become a part of the solution. I AM is a wake-up call you can’t miss!

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