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If we are to be truly happy, it means we must follow Alice down the Rabbit hole. You see, the only way to create internal happiness is to first see what is creating the discord within us.

Yet, the double bind can be that when we really look at what is happening inside, it can be scary and feel like an overwhelming task. For it is our ego-based sense of self that causes us shame, pain and illness.

Yet, as you look at yourself through Alice’s magical looking glass, it won’t hurt when you see the truth.  As you find your magical looking glass, you are able to see life’s challenges, from the place of wisdom and from the place of knowing the distortion in front of you isn’t the full truth. (This guy (stork) was taken in Africa a few weeks ago.  He reminds me of my awkward self that I keep needing to transform back to my wholeness!)

As you learn to better look through the pain, you can actually experience a deeper truth of your wholeness! (Picture of Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world.)

In Mind Energy Body Transformation, we call “the spiritual looking glass” our Explorer’s Mind and our Enlightened Observer.

Here are 4 tips to help you be the part of Alice that knows she is whole.
Let these tips help you go deep into the holes in your life in a manner that -what you see doesn’t become who you are. (Also come with us this Saturday and discover what is down the Rabbit Hole and How to See -In a healthy and happy way- through the looking glass!)

Learn to look so that whatever darkness you find, becomes the cloud covering the sun. Explore how to feel the cloud in a manner that transforms the energy so you better see your wholeness.

Discover that your are not the energetic dirt that runs through you. When you take a bath, and all the dirt comes off  in the bath water, I am sure you don’t get confused and think that you are the dirt! And when you let the dirty water flow down the drain, do you ever try holding on to it? Of course not. So when the energy of your emotional dirt (negative thoughts/beliefs/feeling about yourself) come to the surface so that it can be cleaned and washed away, it is important for you to let it do so in the same manner!

Next time you feel any negative emotions/belief about yourself, practice seeing it as a dirty cloud covering your light. (1) Listen to its message, (3) Feel it as a sensation in your body, and (3) Label it an energetic construct that you can learn to let melt away so that the sun beneath can shine!

Re-pattern your brain and nervous systems unhealthy reactivity.
The more you are able to do the steps in TIP 1-3, you will be RE-WIRING your brain/nervous system’s habituated negative response system. You see, your brain, family environment, culture, DNA, ego, sense of self and past lives have all together imprinted a programmed reaction that can take choice away IF YOU FORGET that you are Alice down the rabbit hole.

Find your looking glass so you see reality as it really is and not how you have been programmed to see it. In other words, see the matrix of your emotions and life challenges as the portal to help you awaken and reconnect to your wholeness. Come tomorrow (or to any of our other events) and keep supporting the Shift back to a more enlightened state.

Take action to follow the rabbit down the hole. (Or as Neo did in the Matrix, take the green pill!) Be bold, be brave and question the reality before you so you can open to see the deeper truth below!

I’d love to hear how these TIPS supported you or any additional support you may need. If you are interested in learning more about the Art and Science of Mind Energy Body Transformation’s Certification program, I’d love to meet for tea to see if it is a good fit for you!

I send love and support to all of you Transformers!
Keep finding  your
Choice Points that lead you to self-mastery.  In  Mind Energy Body Transformation helps you know how to feel life challenges as sensations of energy in your body and as consciousness in the mind.  As you learn to do this through our
5-Step Mindfulness Process
and its
3-Rings of Healing
you raise your consciousness so the energy of emotional pain and life challenges transforms you back to wholeness, Core Being.

We know the deepest truth is Source. We also understand that as we melt away our unhealthy defenses, ego, negative neurological emotional reactivity, the programming of our personality disolves and we are able to better self-regulate our mind, energy and body systems back to wholeness!  Please spread the word and invite others to join our free energy and consciousness tips newsletter.

Much love on you journey to self-regulate back to Core Being!
Carolyn Eberle, LPC  Founder
Mind Energy Body School of Transformation

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