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I am often asked the question, “Do we decide who we are or are we born to be a certain way?”

Until we experience the answer to this profound inquire, I am not sure we can be truly content. (Tips to help you answer this are outlined below.)

This Saturday, you can discover the answer for yourself and learn how to awaken your authentic leadership skills so your passions and dreams come true!

Hoping you can join us for this very special 1-Day event to rewire any negative beliefs and feelings that stop you from achieving your goals.

Cost is only $75 for the day and you can bring a friend for only $25!  It is time to make your life happen for yourself.

Don’t let anger, sadness or negative feelings keep you from your gifts.  Come this Saturday and get the support you have been waiting for! During this 1-day event, you will learn about the Art and Science of Mind Energy Body Transformation and as a result, you will learn to better lead yourself!

Saturday, March 10 from 10am to 5pm!  R.S.V.P  Now         (Space Limited)

If you can’t come Saturday, here are some tips you can use throughout your day!



TIP 1 Don’t Give Up!

Did you know that the most famous Prime Minister of England, Margaret Thatcher was told she had no talent for politics?  Did you know that she lost so many elections her backers suggested she quit?  True leaders can be their own champions when others won’t.  Be your own champion and never give up. You choose who you are. If you don’t create yourself, then your negative ego will blow you away as easily as the wind blows the leaves that have fallen from the tree. Keep developing the skills to discovering how to better do this.


TIP 2 Find the Courage to go deep into the “Holes” in your life. These deep holes will prevent you from advancing.  This is because they want to define your inner value.  Do whatever it takes so you don’t let them judge your value!  As you do this — successfully — you pass the Initiation test and awaken into true leadership! (Also come hang-out with us this Saturday and discover How to See -In a healthy and happy way- through the center of the Hole and reawaken your understanding of true Wholeness!)

I’d love to hear how these TIPS supported you or any additional support you may need. If you are interested in learning more about the Art and Science of Mind Energy Body Transformation’s Certification program, I’d love to meet for tea to see if it is a good fit for you!

I send love and support to all of you Transformers!
Keep finding  your
Choice Points that lead you to self-mastery.   Mind Energy Body Transformation helps you know how to feel life challenges as sensations of energy in your body and as consciousness in the mind.  As you learn to do this through our
5-Step Mindfulness Process
and its
3-Rings of Healing
you raise your consciousness so the energy of emotional pain and life challenges transforms you back to wholeness, Core Being.

We know the deepest truth is Source. We also understand that as we melt away our unhealthy defenses, ego, negative neurological emotional reactivity, the programming of our personality disolves and we are able to better self-regulate our mind, energy and body systems back to wholeness!  Please spread the word and invite others to join our free energy and consciousness tips newsletter and purchase our book, Explorer’s Mind-A Map to Freedom.

Much love on you journey to self-regulate back to Core Being!

Carolyn Eberle, LPC  Founder
Mind Energy Body School of Transformation

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