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When I ride, everything makes sense.
If I honor my horse, and ride correctly, my horse honors me and delivers what I ask.
He doesn’t try to pretend, cheat or steal.
He doesn’t try to overpower me or take control.

When I ride, everything makes sense.
My horse doesn’t try to mislead me with false intentions.
She doesn’t pretend to like me when she is angry.
She clearly explains what she feels and what she needs.

When I ride, everything makes sense.
My horse doesn’t let ego get in the way of the relationship, even if I make a mistake.
She doesn’t lie, not ever!
She tries as hard as she can to anticipate my needs and deliver them-even before I know what I want!

When I ride, everything makes sense.
If there is a disagreement, confusion or miscommunication, I know it is because I am not hearing him clearly and/or he is not hearing me clearly.
I know it is not because he is being selfish, power hungry or full of arrogance, ego or lacking self-esteem.

When I ride, everything makes sense. This is not only true of my horse, but this is true of just about every horse I have ever ridden.

So I wonder, why are these positive traits in our friend the horse, not more prevalently displayed by us humans?  Why do we humans too often say yes, when we really mean no and then later get angry at our partner for not anticipating our needs?  Why do humans use addiction to hide our pain instead of acknowledging the emotion as it arises and endeavor to move through it as horses can?

My horse doesn’t ask for designer jeans and her own car like my teenager sometimes does.  My horse is happy without material possessions’…just grass and a friend.

When I ride, everything makes sense.
With a horse, or dog, cat or any of the animals that have come into my life, I get back what I give-10 fold.

If I love them, even if there are times I am imperfect in my love, they easily forgive, teach me to be better and then give me so much more than I ever dreamed of giving them.

Are we humans too wounded to act with the integrity of a horse?
Are we in too much pain and trauma?
And if so, who is to blame?

We are given so much…a highly functioning brain where we rule the world.
No species is given more than us.

So why don’t we show to each other the higher traits of love, kindness, integrity, and compassion that horse so freely gives to me?

I do know of some abused horses, that can’t always be trusted.
Their instincts take over and they don’t always react in a safe manner.

Does this mean that too many of us humans have been terribly abused?
Is this the reason why we don’t treat each other as well as horse treats us?
Is this why we too often behave in greed, selfishness, and out of integrity?

What is it about a horse that makes them so willing, egoless and aligned to give me his or her best?

I can’t wait until I can say, “When I interact with people, everything makes sense because people behave toward each other the way I feel the world should work….Because humans have become so kind, loving, giving, caring, egoless and of extreme high integrity!”

Someday, if only we humans can learn to behave with the higher consciousness of my dear beloved horse.

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