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Have you ever had a life-changing event where one of your deepest childhood dreams came true? Well last week, on an African adventure, that happened for me and I am surely taking the good with me!
Read on to hear about the adventure and how I was able to take the amazing life experiences with me!

Last Wednesday I took this Magical Picture in Mana Pools, Zim.

Discover how the support of the positive past can help you overcome the challenges in the moment.  (And feel free to join us on our Sunday, June 10th awakening event 10-5pm; $100, in Boulder, CO to develop even more skills and learn to help others as well.)

I am in Zimbabwe, Africa now and just returned from the most amazing life experience. As a child I watched Simba the White Lion and Animal Kingdom on T.V.

These shows cultivated my already strong innate longing to live in the African Bush and be with lions, elephants and nature.

I wanted Africa’s wild to be my life but when I was a freshman in college and wrote National Geographic to ask how to prepare myself to get a professional job after graduation they wrote back saying I should give up this dream.

After the letter arrive, I took it hard. I thought this dream could never come true. But this past week, my young teenage self had every childhood wish fulfilled.

Soon you will be able to check out the youtube clips of some of my adventure! (youtube is not easy to access in Zim) Not professional photography, but the essence of the dream fulfilled is there. Stay tuned for their posting.

A wild lioness, her cubs and their aging grandmother invited us to sit with them.

I felt honored to connect so deeply, and within only a few yards distance to these powerful wild animals in a way that my inner child rejoiced and awoke  to the wonder of life and those that live in it.

Mother of the cubs.  Two days later, too late at night we visited her and the cubs.  She charges us, saying stay away.  It is night and not safe. But this day, she sleeps as we watch and her cubs play.

I interacted with Bull Elephants and, with the help of a guide, even invited one to charge so I could face him, and tell him it is safe to trust me.

As I slept at night, hyenas brushed against my tent and every night I fell asleep to the lullaby of hippos and the other wild animals calling nearby.

In life, our inner lion can guide you so you can take your gifts with you.  I recently met this old boy (see next picture) in the African wild, face to face-soul to soul. He is known as one of the “Back Street Boys” and his pride of lionesses are referred to as the “Spice Girls”!

As the head of his pride he is not afraid of anyone.  Let him lead you to find the courage to take the good times with you when you must face your difficulties.

I have let him do the same for me because I am now out of the bush and back in Harrare, the country’s capital and I am facing many difficulties, stress, challenges, and am having to give up so much that I love.

And, while, on the ride home our car’s breaks fail and we are almost killed.  Then, as we were recovering from the near catastrophe, the police accosted us, asking for money!  Yet, with all this, I still took the good with me.

I took this picture just outside our tent on the last night in the bush.
For all of us, at times, life can feel more like a jungle than the love and beauty I experienced in the African Bush. Follow these tips so you can take the good with you and help you face the challenges in your life.

Tip 1: Feel the good that has happened as a sensation in the body, image and thought in the mind and emotion in the heart.
Feel the “you”, the real you that created that wonderful thing to happen. This is who you really are and it is your inner lion’s job to return to that person and feel the deeper truth of your light.

Tip 2: Let your inner lion look at the challenge and difficulty you are facing as a lesson waiting to be learned.

Find the courage to listen, feel and face the message this difficulty is sending you and let your inner lion help you gain the wisdom to move thought this challenge with grace, kindness and clarity.

Best Wishes on your inner lion keeping the highs to help transform your lows back to light!  If so moved, also please contact us to attend our June 10th event or our Barbara Brennan Hands of Healing Workshop the next weekend!


Carolyn Eberle
Founder, Author
Mind Energy Body Transformation

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