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I woke up today, ran out to greet our two new Laying Hens in their new hen house.  A friend gave them to me as a gift yesterday morning and we gallantly took them out of my friend’s children’s Hamster cage where they had been “sardined” in, and released them to their roomy new hen house.

My friend, Camilla informed me that they needed to stay in the hen house at least one-day or they would lay eggs all over the yard and we would never find them.

Well as soon as I turned my back and began preparing to ride my bike to the gym, my gardener came knocking at my door, “Madam, come look!”

My hens had literally flown the coop!

Manufacturing a top from the doghouse and an old gate, we secured them in.  Camilla cautioned me that she didn’t give me her best layers.  They had only been laying one-year so I shouldn’t expect eggs everyday.

To my surprise as I peeked into their house, there laid the golden egg, or at least it was golden to me.  So exciting to reach in, feel its warmth and bring it to my husband to show the surprise!

It is funny how something so small can bring so much fun. I texted my friend and sent thanks and gave her the good news.  She asked me what I had named my chickens because she felt if they were named, I wouldn’t decide to eat them and I would take good care of them.

She named her turkeys stuffing and gravy! I explained that I named my newly found chicken friends Plenty and Zai (egg in Shona), and thought it was Plenty that left the gift of the golden egg!

Where can you find an unexpected small gift in your life to receive then feel thanks?

The Golden Eggs and Veggies Grown In Our African Garden

The universe is abundant in its gifts, yet only as we are able to make sure to notice them and keep them from flying the coop!


1. I can’t count the number of times, my negative expectations have created negative results. (more on this next newsletter).  Expect the gift is coming, and engage your explorer’s mind to find the wisdom to see which manner the gift arrives.  It may not always arrive in the exact shape or form you might first imagine but expect positive results and you will receive them! (For more Information on Explorer’s Mind go to this video: )

2. Watch for it, then Let it in. So often I get a feeling something is coming my way and I let my mind push it away.  Once the gift comes, can you really receive it?  Practice feeling as a thought in the mind, a sensation in the body and a feeling in your soul that you deserve to receive it.

Best Wishes on keeping your gifts from flying the Coop!,
Carolyn Eberle

Founder, Author
Mind Energy Body Transformation www.mebschooloftransformaiton.com

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