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During difficult times, it is easy to forget that we are not our wounding, and that we are not our problems and challenges.  We can lose a connection to our wholeness, and true sense of self. Ironically, when we lose ourselves, we then manifest a painful reality and thus accentuate our difficulties.

In Mind Energy Body Transformation, we teach you how to use the challenge as an opportunity! Practice the 4 Tips below to support you in this process.  Yes, each painful experience has only arrived in your life because it presents an opportunity for you to transform a negative into a positive.

TIP 1: Love Your Imperfect Parts For They Will Reveal Your Life Task.
As long as you are in human form, you will be imperfect, and this is the good news!  Our imperfect parts are uniquely designed to teach us the life lessons we have been born to learn. Reveal them, let them come to the surface so you can see and understand them. 

TIP 2: Listen to the Message Your Imperfect Parts Bring for they Shape Your World.
Each wounded part, holds a false belief and negative identity.  Your imperfect parts have come into the light so you can release this false understanding of the world and the false identity of who you think you are in the world.  As you listen to the message, you are more empowered to claim your true identity and manifest a reality that awakens your gifts and releases your wounds.

TIP 3: Claim the Deeper Wholeness Your Imperfect Parts Have Hidden from You.
Your brain, nervous system and DNA programs negative reactivity and a false sense of who you really are.  As you increase your ability to energetically sense your feelings about yourself and your emotions as a program, you can dissolve the ones that don’t support you. And, you can change their energetic frequency so you return back to your Core Being/wholeness.  For instance, as the energy of anger or sadness invades your day, these feelings are just energetic constructs that wire your brain to feel and believe a certain way about your life. You can over come your programming by claiming the deeper wholeness the imperfect parts hide. This can be a difficult process and take time.  To help you anchor deeper into your wholeness (thus reprogramming your false self) learn to differentiate from these feelings.  This means detach (not disassociate) from them.  See your body as the energetic transmitter the negative emotions are moving through and then feel your true self not damaged by them.

TIPS 4: Lastly, Feel Your True Self As a Sensation and Emotion in the Body. Feel this Wholeness Strong Enough To Create Your Reality From Your Wholeness. Notice How It Is Stronger than Ever, thanks to You Letting Your Imperfect Parts Be Revealed, Loved and Transformed.
About 100 times a day, differentiate between how you have been programmed to react and what is the deeper truth of your wholeness or Core Being.  Then, self-regulate back to your core being.  This process, reprograms your negative reactive nervous system/neuro-network in your brain that signals to you the belief that being imperfect is unsafe and wrong.

So throughout your day, if so moved, remind yourself and even help a friend remember that the difficulty you face is not a defining moment of who you are, but instead it is an opportunity to anchor into the truth of your wholeness. As you invite more of your true self (Core Being) into the exploration of the challenge, you become the conscious creator toward healing you and those around you.

Blessings and love on your journey and let me know how I can better support you.  On September 8th, I invite you to attend the “Love your Imperfect Parts Event.”  It is only $100 for the day and you can bring a friend for only $75.  (10am-5pm) or/and sign up for the free webinar on this amazing topic at carolyn@mebschooloftransformation.com.

Best Wishes on transforming the parts you wished you could hide, but now know, there is immense power hidden deep within them.
Carolyn Eberle, LPC
Founder, Author
Certification details: http://mebschooloftransformation.com/trainings/me-b-certification/

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