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Are you concerned it is either too late for you or maybe you have failed?
In Mind Energy Body Transformation we teach that as you shift your inner world, your outer world changes.  Yet, this week my clients came in questioning if this teaching is really true. They were having trouble manifesting career related challenges and felt lost.

In my own life I was facing some hard truths as well. A broken car and other unexpected expenses resulted in us being short $3,000. So I aligned, did an abundance meditation, shifted my energy field, reclaimed my wholeness and within 10 days, two unexpected checks arrived bringing that exact amount to my door!

When these things happen, it is easy to think that any and all our desires will be met IF we just align. Although this is sometimes true, if you are not careful, it can also be a trap that keeps you for years in cycles of debt, frustration and wanting.

So I ask, “given how dense the challenges here on earth are, how can we make our dreams come true?” 

If you feel stuck and lost in the same old financial, relationship or career pain, let these tips provide you with a beacon of light to help you transform the denseness of earth in a manner that creates wisdom, wholeness and positive manifestation.

TIP 1: Name, claim and own a difficult truth you are failing to see or accept?
If what you want hasn’t happened yet, there is some very dense false belief and a personal inner distortion keeping you from success.  In essence, you are not seeing the world as it really is-you are instead seeing it as you want it to be.

I call the practice of denying the immensity of the challenge before you “spiritual junk food.”  You cannot solve it, if you deny it.

Being grounded and realistic is empowering.  Overnight success is usually based on years of foundational hard work.  Have you done enough of the foundational work or is there a missing piece? 

TIP 2: Eliminate any fear of receiving.
Ironically, the most difficult skill we can have is the ability to receive our highest good.  Imagine receiving what you want and feel its energy come in as BOTH a sensation in the body and an emotion.

TIP 3: Accept that maybe it is not in your highest good-right now-and you need a back up plan.
If we haven’t received it, then our sense of self isn’t anchored deep enough into our wholeness or positive sense of self.  As a result, we don’t have the power to manifest it.  This is a simple but difficult truth.

Also, you might need to accept that what you want, sometimes isn’t really what you need.  I once thought I wanted to divorce my husband and find a “better” man.  However, when I failed to manifest a new and improved man, the pain of this “failure” helped me connect to my light in a manner I didn’t know was possible.  As this happened, I discovered I didn’t need a man to confirm my inner value.

Of course, at the time, I didn’t even know I was subconsciously “wanting” a man to confirm me, until I didn’t need it anymore!  Once I claimed my wholeness, ironically my husband found his wholeness.  Today he and I are very happily married (25 years) and I am very thankful I “failed” manifesting a new man!

A fellow therapist reminded me of this quote by Joseph Campbell
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us!

As you master the challenge of manifesting something that has been difficult to create, remember there is never a time in your life to give up and feel like a victim.  Keep doing the deeper work within, keep being curious about why it hasn’t shown up, and you will ultimately embody enough of your wholeness and power to manifest what you need.

Yes, this process can take years not days.  I am doing my own up hill climb too but I surrender to living from joy and inner peace regardless of my current skills to create my most pressing and passionate dream. To learn more about this process and reclaim more of your wholeness, come to our September 8, Saturday Training Event; 10am-5pm; $100 or bring a friend for $75. I’d love to see you there.  RSVP for directions (Northern Boulder).

Sending you much love and blessings along the way,
Carolyn Eberle, LPC, Founder Mind Energy Body Transformation School


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