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I love the analogy where the spiritual teacher sits the protégé down in front of a brook and says, “As you watch, every moment you experience a new and different stream,“

The same is true for each of us, every moment, we can experience either a downstream version of ourselves that holds negative thoughts and self-hate, or an up steam version of ourselves that realizes more compassion and awareness of our true gifts and life task.

The spiritual artist within us, can use each moment, each breath and each thought and sensation in our body to cultivate an upstream version of whom we really are in the world!

When I teach, I tell my students that the up stream version of me 5 years from now is looking upon the down stream me of today sending love and hope because she knows who I am growing into.  The me of now looks back at the me of 5 years ago with slight embarrassment, yet much compassion.

This I tell my students, is good news.

It means I have grown into the upstream version of me and 5 years from now, I will grow and be a more aware and awaken version of my self!

Follow the tips below to anchor into the upstream version of yourself so the pain of today changes its energetic vibration into a more whole and awakened higher self!

Who you think you are in the world, determines exactly how successful you will be!

TIP 1:  We all make mistakes. I made a big mistake this week and messed up my schedule and let a dear friend down. Yet if my sense of self is defined by my mistakes, I will remain trapped as someone that lets someone down.  WHAT WE FOCUS ON GROWS!

Practice learning from your mistakes!

If you are human, you will screw up! So when you do, lean into the pain the mistake has caused you.  This pain has wisdom.

TIP 2: Once you have leaned into the pain the mistake has caused you, learn from it and make the changes you need to make so you become empowered not to repeat the same mistakes as deeply or as often!

I teach that it is an “inch worm” process.  It does take time to make the deeper changes.  But discover what was the cause of the mistake, and find the power to kindly move toward healing it!

Tip 3: Remember the down steam version of yourself is not the truth of who you really are!!!!!!  Remember is the key word.

It can be very difficult to remember the spiritual wholeness of who you were before you were born into this human form. Yet in life, nothing is more important than this task.  This is because,

(1) if you can remember it,

(2) you can live from this deeper wholeness, and

(3) thus you can live from the “up steam” version of yourself.

REMEMBER, even if you have to fake it to make it!

Tip 4: Once you remember, practice feeling that memory as an energy and sensation in the body.

Then practice feeling that as an emotion in the body.  This cultivates what I call High Vibrational Consciousness (HVC).  This HVC can melt away the ego, self-doubt and the down stream version of yourself so you more and more, everyday, awaken to an up steam version of yourself!

Practice this with kindness and love to yourself.

Get support to develop this skill and let me know how I can better support you.

I am planning teleconference calls in the next month so look for those free events you can participate in.

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It is on October 6 from 10-5pm. Get the support you need to move the prickly, entrenched branches of stuck consciousness out of your way so you manifest the right partner, career and life!  Call me for details!

Lots of love and blessings on your journey so even when the darkness comes, you are able to feel joy and wholeness!

Carolyn Eberle, LPC Founder Mind Energy Body Transformation


Demonstration/Free Talk: Tuesday, September 25th at 6:00pm. Learn to take your skills to the next level so you help yourself and those you love to modulate energy through your body so limiting emotions, thoughts and behaviors change their frequency to wisdom, power and self-leadership.

“Change Your Pain Blocks So the Form of What Isn’t Working Becomes the Flow of What Works!”
On October 6, get the support you need to move the prickly, entrenched branches of stuck consciousness out of your way so you manifest the right partner, career and life!  Know that the pain and distortions preventing you from success will dissolve as you change who you believe yourself to be.  In this integrative mind, energy, body, spirit modality of empowered change, you receive the self-mastery tools to overcome the tangled energy holding you back.

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LOCATION: Northern Boulder; Click Here For Directions/Address use link below.

http://mebschooloftransformation.com/home/maplocation/ RSVP


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