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I recently had to give something up that was very dear and loved by me.  Yet as I surrendered to letting go, some very beautiful stars showed up to replace it and light the way toward my true direction and life task.

Ironically by letting go, I received.  And I find the more painful the letting go feels, then the deeper the receiving happens. You can align to heighten your ability to lean into the pain of what is not working in your life in order to shift the old unhealthy blueprint so it transforms into higher consciousness, health and the path toward fulfilling your true-life task.  Come to our 1-day skills training event Saturday where we will practice this, and/or read the tips below.

This weekend, I watched an Abraham Hicks lecture and they use the analogy of “cleaning out your hanger” referring to the large space where airplanes are stored.  I love the fact that they didn’t say closet.  Because as we look at just how large our holdings on can be, we can also look to the abundance and opportunity that comes from letting it go.

Tip 1: Feel the wholeness of source that represents the truth of you.  None of us lets go from a place of pain.

Tip 2: Know that something will replace what you have let go of and it will be of a higher vibration of wholeness and will lead you to your next step toward fulfilling your life task.

Tip 3: Don’t collapse into the void of the empty space.  I know it can feel too large to ever be filled with something amazing and aligned.  Yet this higher frequency and abundance is coming because you were brave enough to let go.  At least for me, it came much quicker than imagined.  Be kind to yourself in this void.  Send your child consciousness love and support.

Tip 4: Be patient, careful and watchful for the next piece to fall into place.  Yet don’t be anxious.  You must trust, for it might come sooner than expected.  Take time to feel the relief.  As you are able to feel the relief as a sensation in the body and emotion in the mind, you open for something new to arrive.

Come to Saturday’s Skills Event: 10-5pm; $100 and bring a friend for only $50. To sign up call or email: 720-530-7621 carolyn@mebschooloftransformation.com

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