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DSC_0135After spending time in the African Bush amongst elephants, lions, hippos, and leopard, it helped me understand how difficult it is to survive in the jungle. It is even more difficult for animals to survive if they chose to be compassionate to one another.

While living there, I met an amazing Grandmother lion that taught me about love and compassion in a manner that still stays strong in my heart.

The daughters and granddaughters this dear elder lioness fed and raised over the years, rejected this old, wise soul. They threw her out of the Pride she helped create because they felt she was too old. You see it is very difficult to survive in the African Bush and the leaders of the Pride didn’t want to feed a “noncontributing” member. So they threw her out to die.

Yet, her compassionate older daughter didn’t agree with the pride’s decision and left the pride to

The Wise Old Grandma abandoned by her pride

The Wise Old Grandma abandoned by her pride

take care of her mother. The next summer, while the daughter was off hunting to feed both her mother and her newly born cubs, tragedy took place. Her babies were attacked and killed by a hyena.

If the mother had stayed with the pride, her cubs would have had its full protection. Yet, out by themselves…the saying, “the weak die young” is all too true in the bush.  In the bush being compassionate can have a price.

I began to wonder how this might be true for us humans. Is the world we created so much different?  Do the weak die young and what role can the mother lioness inspire us to play so we can be strong, loving and compassionate — even in a jumgle?

View tips below so you learn how being loving and compassionate to one another can and will pay off!

Mom, Grandma, Cubs and Dad VideoAlso, Friday May 3-4 we will discuss these topics and provide you with 5-life skills to implement 5-Steps so the energy of the “human jungle” transforms to wholeness. Come learn how to create your best career, relationship, health and life. Details Click Here

If you can’t come next weekend, read on to learn 3 Tips that will support you so the human jungle

The Daughter that Saved Her Mother

The Daughter that Saved Her Mother

becomes a playground of adventure, wisdom and fun.

TIP 1: What you focus on Grows
Begin to focus on what you can do and have done, so you grow more of the good. If we only look at the negative, then before we know it, the negative is all we have. Yes, we do make mistakes. Yes the mistakes are there to teach us. However, when we let our mistakes abuse us or depleat us, then the lower consciousness of ego and negative self-talk and judgment wins. You were meant to manifest your highest good! Focus on what leads you forward and not what held you back.

TIP 2: Who you are is what you create.
As we claim a larger awareness of our higher self (Core Being), then we are able to manifest more of our life task. Take time now to remember the sense of self you resonated at (emotionally, sensation in body, concept in mind) that helped you accomplish your latest success.

Now, feel that bigger you as a sensation and emotion in the body. Do that all day long (100 times a day) so you self-regulate your mind, energy and brain systems back to wholeness. From this higher vibrational consciousness, you anchor into wholeness, and you create your best life.

TIP 3: Practice saying no and setting boundaries with your heart open. Love and see yourself and be compassionate to the person attacking you, as it is their small self that is interacting and not their wholeness. Still set boundaries. Still say no, yet with an open heart. They may not be able to see your love, yet send it anyways.

Be in integrity while you admit your part in the discord, yet don’t take on their part. That is for their learning and awakening. As you practice this, someday you will be able to flow while you learn to say no to projections or attack. Eventually setting boundaries can be effortless.

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