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Setting intentions for the New Year is a tradition. Yet, many of our Intentions don’t come true. Learn what gets in the way of your ability to manifest and then discover how to shift so you succeed!

Read below and/or join us Saturday, Jan. 28th when we will explore this topic in detail. You will learn to shift the lower vibrations that get in your way so you can consciously create our life!  (Register at: Carolyn@mebschooloftransformation.com, 720-530-7621 Sat. 28th, 10am-5pm; only $75 if you say you read it in the newsletter!). Specifically, next weekend uncover your relationship distortions and disempowered shadow parts that sabotage your success.  And learn to transform them to reclaim the alignment of your higher self.

3 Keys to Successful Manifestation of New Years’ Intentions


1) SEE THE SIGNS SO YOU CAN RECEIVE. The universe is abundant and constantly responding to your intentions. Yet, how open are you to seeing HOW the universe is responding to your requests and HOW skillful are you at reading the signs you must follow in order to receive?   While traveling in Africa last week, I became very tuned in to following the signs so that our trip was rich and magical.  I manifested a trip that went beyond my highest expectations.  Yet, when I return home, I often get lost in the day-to-day challenges of life back in Colorado. I can forget that the universe is constantly responding to my intentions and providing the signs I can follow so I manifest them in my daily life.  So the first key to manifestation is that you must STAY ALERT and OPEN to seeing and FOLLOWING the signs! (Read more next newsletter on this topic!)

2) SEE CLEARLY WHAT BARRIERS ARE IN THE WAY: If you can’t see what blocks are in the way of receiving the manifestation, then you can’t remove the blocks.  It is what you can’t see clearly that causes problems.  For instance, I took this picture last week.  The Impala that this Lion killed, couldn’t see the problem in enough time to address it.  Impalas run faster for a longer period of time than Lions, that is….IF they see them in time.  The second key to manifestation is to SEE WHAT GETS IN THE WAY. At this weekend’s training, you will receive 5 steps to see more clearly.


3) WHAT WE DON’T KNOW CAN HURT US. Imagine being on a horse right next to a wart hog, or a water buck.  I was close enough to touch them, yet they couldn’t see me, only the horse.  You see, they don’t expect a person to ride on top of another animal so even though we talked and made noise, I was invisible to them.  Learn to reveal the unseen elements preventing your manifestations is key three to successful manifesting.

  • Comment on this blog and share your tips and successes with manifesting and with mastering these three keys.
  • If you want to see the photo essay of my trip to Africa click here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.226418564085276.54684.106584682735332&type=3
  • And if you want to see more photos explaining the mind, energy body transformation process, click to see this photo album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.262346770492455.61298.106584682735332&type=3.

Hope you can join us on this magical journey of awakening. Please register for our Saturday Jan. 28th event from 10am-5pm-720-530-7621; Carolyn@mebschooloftransformation.com.  Only $75 if you say you read it in the newsletter! Love and blessings


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