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Take Advantage of this Spring Energy!

Spring is here and with it comes many opportunities to create a new awakening.

The amazing spring energies now available to you are about birth, rebirth, renewal and growth.


To support you in receiving the spring energies, allow yourself to take a moment to recognize your current sense of self is not a fixed solid form. Instead, it is something that evolves and grows. Just as the spring grass in Colorado is now re-awakening from its brown color back to a lush green, your sense of self can reawaken and evolve to incarnate more of your spiritual wholeness into physical form – in all three mind, energy and body systems.

Is this spring your time to blossom into more of your internal wholeness, Core Being?

If so, take a moment to (1) imagine what old sense of self no longer serves you. What unsupportive qualities can be released and what positive embodiment can be nurtured? For instance, for me personally, I am spending this spring releasing the energy of past abuse and replacing it with the energy of courage so that I can say, “no” to any and all negative energy coming my way.

What are you needing to release of your old patterns and what new positive action can take up the space?

Check out this blog post on energy transformation tips to help you more in this process:

Sending love and joy along the way,

Carolyn Bucey Eberle, LPC, Founder, Author and Speaker

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