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guy looking sadDoes the Therapy/Healing Communities Need To Focus Less on What the Therapist Does and more on what skills Our Client’s Need in order to overcome life’s pain and hardness?


So much research and discussion is focused on “what orientation” of psychotherapy and healing is best. Who can do the “best” energy work, the “best” therapeutic orientation or life coaching? Who has the answer they can then deliver to the client?


Assess and Balance the Central ChannelIt feels like we put too much focus on the healer/therapists/life coach role and not enough importance on, “What basic skills, do our very human clients need, in order to master this changing and difficult dense earthly vibration.”


I want to work myself out of a job so that my clients become so empowered that they don’t need me anymore except for the occasional “tune up.” Since that is the generally accepted goal of therapy and healing, we need to examine and focus more on what skills do our client’s need so they obtain self-mastery!


A good question to ask yourself is, “Are you equipping yourself/your clients with the skills needed to shift the energy of any painful emotion or challenge into wholeness, wisdom and positive creation?


Butterfly Transformation quoteHow skilled are you at obtaining this goal? Can your clients (yourself) enjoy the process of leaning into the pain that shows up throughout the day because you have taught them how to transform that pain and receive the “gift” it was meant to bring?

The basic life skills of shifting stress, overwhelm and painful ego, feelings, negative beliefs and emotions don’t just change because we follow a set procedure such as taping some energy points or saying an affirmation.

It takes developing, over time, some very vital, yet basic life skills. Knowing the skills to teach your client (and yourself) is a key step toward self-empowerment and ease.

I teach 5 Spiritual Law, 5 Skills and 5 Steps (the Secret Code I call it) so they learn to become the light in the darkness of life’s stress and overwhelm. These skills can shift depression, anxiety, hopelessness…even illnesses.

What skills do you feel you and your clients need to navigate this often difficult, hard earthly dimension?

You are invited to come learn the basic skills of living in the difficult, hard and often-painful earthly environment by attending our workshops/online classes and/or private sessions.

And, as always, if you have any questions or needs, feel free to reach out directly to me: Carolyn@mindenergybody.org



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