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How often do you assess, if your client’s sense of self is shifting in a positive manner? Do you support yourself (or your client) to become empowered to define their own value and not have their nagging boss or difficult neighbor or judgmental parent define their worth?


If you are not inviting and also assessing if there is a bigger alignment in your client’s sense of self, (or your own) then you are missing a vital piece of the therapy puzzle. You see, if you are going to become the CEO of your life, and if you are to become the conscious creator of your highest good, it is vital you make sure that your wounded parts don’t define your value


There are many different methods I teach to help clients discover a deeper truer aspect of their wholeness. The first step in the process is simply awareness of when they are letting someone else define them and when they are connected to their bigger brilliance and letting that define their internal value.


Many clients can easily remind their friends that they are worthy of love and kindness, yet it ME-B Pain to Power Redcan be difficult for clients to define their own value when life feels hard and hopeless.

This is to a large extent because the brain, body, nervous system gets wired to react. This then activates the client’s negative ego to take over as well. The solution to this process is to help yourself (and your clients) discover how to feel the emotional pain in the moment from their bigger more whole self and not from their negative ego.


To achieve this goal, you must also learn how to shift the energy held in the unsupportive brain’s neuro-network, biology, nervous system’s reactivity and ego.


In essence, this means you learn to shift the energy blocks that resonate at a negative sense of self, shift the clouds that keep you (your clients) from the sun of your wholeness.

Yes, this is a metaphor but it is also a tangible description of the energy frequency that holds your negative sense of self. The dark energy can feel like a heavy cloud when you touch the parts in your or your clients energy picenergy field that hold the vibrational frequency of the wound or trauma.


I personally invite you to join our online series and/or in person events/sessions so you can learn how to help your client’s sense of self expand to a deeper truth and learn how to assess his or her progress. Eventually you will know how to shift the energy of any negative feelings and emotions about your self back to wholeness (and teach your client to do the same) so you create your best life, career, relationship and health. Don’t let that negative sense of self keep you or your client in the painful clouds of despair.

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