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It has been many years since I have asked a client to “process” their pain. In fact, when I teach, I never ask my students to “do process work.”


Over the last decade, after working with hundreds of clients (and myself) I discovered that the old system of “processing your pain” is out of date and could actually be harmful to clients. This is especially true in light of the latest research in trauma work and brain science.


Instead, I teach a new way of healing negative emotional issues, developmental trauma, and difficult events.


brain pic good one2.jpgAnd, given the results I see, and also given the latest research in Brain Science, I feel confirmed that my therapeutic system of change really works and it can work for you too! Read on and discover some vital “tips” to help you and your clients so they don’t just re-experience their pain.


You see, according to the latest research, if, as a healing practitioner, you encourage your client to retell or re-experience a traumatic event, emotion, feeling or concept and you don’t also follow some key “foundational rules” you aren’t necessarily helping them to the extent you could.


This is because simply talking about a painful moment, can trigger the body’s chemistry and nervous system to re-react in the moment just as if the event is happening again. (SOURCE)


Simply “processing” an event, can make it harder to align to heal from the past and it can make it harder to create a more positive awakened future unless it is done in a manner that creates an actual energetic change in their body/brain’s connection, nervous system and sense of self.


If a client feel the past pain, with the same energy that mirrors the trauma, you are simply teaching their brain, body, sense of self, and energy systems to solidify the past in the present– the same way Jell-O fills a mold.


So how then do you guide clients to communicate about the past in a manner that isn’t “process work”?


According to the latest in brain research, the neuro-network of your brain is capable of changing. Or as they say, “neurons that fire together, wire together. “ SOURCE


If you (or your client) are discussing your personal narrative, and you are feeling it with the angel smokingsame consciousness, energy, sense of self, belief system that you felt when the event happened, you are NOT creating new neuro-networks. You instead are reinforcing the old.


Or what I like to say is, your current sense of self, if merged energetically with the pain you are feeling or speaking, you will create more pain and a negative reality. However, if your sense of self is anchored into your spiritual wholeness, it will heal the pain of the past and it will create a reality that holds your highest good!


My system of change gives you tangible tools to help your client transform the energy of the pain in the brain, body, mind in a manner that creates a new personal narrative and rewires the client to claim a higher level of wholeness within their brain and body systems.


I teach over 50 methods to do this. Check it out here! http://mindenergybody.org/me-b-school/ or/and for a private session: http://mindenergybody.org/work-with-carolyn/


And it is based on 5 founding spiritual principles, 5 Steps, and 5 Skills to implement those steps.

I teach this new evolution in my full certification 12 class training program as well as in my online Core Coaching program, “The Secret Code.”

http://mindenergybody.org/me-b-school/ or/and for a private session: http://mindenergybody.org/work-with-carolyn/

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