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Carolyn Headshot Pink 1When I first graduated from my masters in counseling program, I understood the importance of helping a client “resource” so the pain of trauma didn’t feel overwhelming.


Yet I never saw the purpose of generating “ego strength” in a client. This is because the ego is so linked to the external world’s climate that it never felt a place of solidity the way my inner spiritual wholeness felt kind, loving and supportive.


Just as I don’t choose to build my house on quicksand, I also don’t choose to build my internal resources on my ego. In fact, I hope to dissolve and end all ego attachments and create a strong foundation and deep anchor into my Core Being, Spiritual Wholeness.


And I suggest you reconsider the therapeutic mandate of helping your clients develop a strong ego. You see, the ego’s view of self is positive when the nervous system, brain and body feel safe and empowered. But the ego can shift its sense of self in a moment’s notice.


As you learn to anchor into a more solid energetic construct of your Core Being, which always core beingresonates at the frequency of wholeness, then you truly empower yourself.


Your ego is simply a program that runs through your brain’s neuro-network, body’s reactivity, hormones, chemicals and nervous system. Don’t you want to be self-identified as something more than just a computer program?


From the solid foundation of your Core Being, I encourage you to notice your ego and access if it is happy, sad, fulfilled or empty. As this skill within you/within your client…advances, you then hold the power needed to decode any messages your ego’s reactivity may be delivering and with that deeper knowledge, you can truly show up for yourself in a manner you never thought possible!


So, I no longer ask my clients to cultivate ego strength. I instead teach them to deepen their self-identification with their Core Being and cultivate the advance mindfulness skill of accessing the “computer program” their ego is currently running.


Eventually they learn to rewrite the program to a higher frequency of consciousness and become empowered to shift any negative ego self talk!


Tell me about your ego’s negative self-talk and also share with me who you are at the level of your Core Being. What is his or her gifts, and how can it help you re-write your ego’s negative program!


Let me know how to better support you, feel free to contact me for a private session for extra support. Also, check out our online Core Coaching program-“The Secret Code!”


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