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Carolyn Headshot Pink 1Did you know there are some key components that will promote or prohibit healing, transformation, and your ability to create a better life?

Whether you are a practitioner or simply someone wanting a better life, relationship, career and/or health, there are 3 tips that can help you achieve these goals.

Tip 1: Discover who you really are.Core Being Spiritual Wholeness

There is the “smaller you inside” that is defined by a reactive ego/negative programmed self.

This part of you can be reactive and can get overwhelmed easily. Yet, there is a spiritual essence that represents the truth of who you really are.  For long-term healing to happen, you must discover all of the gifts within your Core Being.

As you learn to connect deeply into your true self, you then are more able to create a better life from that bigger wholeness.  Come join us and learn how: I offer videos, online classes, in-person certifications, or private sessions – learning this basic awakening skill is key to a lifetime of success!

Tip 2: Once you know how to connect to the energy of your Core Being in all three mind, energy and body systems, you then can discover the next essential protocol for healing and that is…you must learn how to send love to the hurt, developmentally regressed, emotionally reactive ego-based false self within you. In essence, when life gets difficult, your Core Being can send love, comfort and support to your smaller, false self that is feeling stressed, overwhelmed and lost.

As you learn to send love to your “smaller self” from your “bigger self” your whole life changes for the better.

Tip 3: Gain the ability to rewire your brain and body systems so it can more easily shift from your reactive brain to your higher, spiritual wholeness (Core Being).  Once you learn how to rewire your brain, your whole life changes and self-mastery is possible.

You will learn all of these skills in our online/in person certifications, meditation videos, private sessions and free tips blog/newsletter/emails/membership site. See links below.

– products: http://mindenergybody.org/resources/virtual-mini-trainings/

– private sessions: http://mindenergybody.org/work-with-carolyn/core being

– Trainings: http://mindenergybody.org/me-b-school/


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