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Carolyn-Headshot-Black-1-274x300Yes, there is a Secret Code to awakening and to fixing the problems in your work, relationship, health and abundance.

They are simple to understand, yet not always easy to implement so please reach out if you want to learn more and/or set up a discounted private session and learn how to create amazing, magnificent change.

TIP 1:

Learn to feel the parts of inner emotional pain that hold you back in a manner that it transforms to the energy of wisdom, wholeness and positive action.  You see feeling is not always healing.  Learning how to heal in a manner that awakens you to your brilliance is what I teach.

It is just too painful to feel in a manner that re-wounds.  There is a better way and as you discover it, your whole life changes!

Tip 2:

Negative events and emotions/beliefs are simply energetic portals.  core beingTHEY ARE NOT MEANT TO DEFINE YOUR VALUE. Discover how to connect to your mistakes in a manner that doesn’t become a litmus test on your self-value. As this is a powerful self-mastery skill.  As you master this inner transformation ability, you learn to shift your negative relationships, health and abundance issues in a manner that brings power and success. This is because your sense of self, creates your reality.  Check out free video here: http://mindenergybody.org/first-law-first-step/

energy2Tip 3:

Uncover the Subtle Energy Holding You Back and Transform It.  Your negative patters will repeat if you don’t discover what is fueling them. There is a tipping point that if you can shift it, you can change in a manner you never thought possible!

Come learn more about a system of change entitled the Secret Code, and/or get a private session where you receive the training to assess the subtle energy blocks that hold you back.  If you reference this post, I will even give it to you at a 50 percent discount! (Click Here to Sign UP! http://mindenergybody.org/work-with-carolyn/private-sessions/)



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