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Good morning! This is Sunday Morning Awakenings and I invite you to enjoy this short video giving you an opportunity to embody an inspirational moment , and springboard yourself toward a life-changing day.

Discover how every breath, every awakening moment today can be the opening to incarnate more of your inner wholeness.  Check it out!



1. Recognize that every moment and every breath can be an awakening moment. There is a bigger you that can incarnate more into this physical body.  That birth is just the beginning.  All of the self-help and spiritual exploration search is really only the inner wholeness wanting to shine through even more!

2. Imagine who you were before birth – the color, emotion, qualities of your spiritual wholeness or Core Being.

3. Through the top of your head, let yourself receiving more of the frequency of your light. Connect breath with awareness and receive it in and down through your physical body.

– To help the energy surrender deep within you, let your hands go upward toward the ceiling. Receive this energy within, deeply.  Align to let it within every cell, bone marrow.  Now turn your hands over and let the energy in again, even more deeply. Down through the whole body.

4. Lastly, throughout your day today – remember this feeling, let yourself return to it and open for that inspirational experience today. Share in the comment section your success stories and what other support you might want.

And again, I suggest you find a system that helps you return to your Core Being throughout the day. For the first time ever, you can learn my system in the comfort of your home and at your own pace.  Want to learn more, Click Here!

Sending love and blessings along the way and look out for next Sunday Morning Awakenings!


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