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As you learn to become the light in the darkness of life’s overwhelm you also learn a key non-duality skill and it is part of what I call the Secret Code to Self-Mastery and-to creating your best career, income, relationships, health, and life.

Check out this video to learn more and follow the exercise tips and a summary of the meditation below! (If you missed last week’s video click here as each video builds upon the previous.)


Pick a day to align toward returning to non-duality. For the purpose of this exercise, I defined duality as the ability to hold a high vibrational consciousness level that doesn’t ego judge anything as being “bad” or “good.”  Although non-duality is a large subject and seen in various ways, for the purpose of this exercise I will be making it simple and ask you to simply explore how to be the light in the darkness of life’s overwhelm. Follow the sequence below to assist you!  Leave comments to share your successes and where you may need more support!

Part 1:

Notice your thoughts and feelings that may judge something from your ego as being better than or worse than.

This may be more difficult than you think as it could be such an automatic internal program to say something is either good or bad, that it might take strong internal focus to be aware of your inner judging ego.

Ideally, your higher goal thoughout the day is to assess as to if your thought, feeling, belief or experience is resonating at a high vibrational level of consciousness (HVC) or a low vibrational level of consciousness (LVC) as outlined in the video.

Part 2:

Now notice what is the exact LVC (sadness, better than, defense, worse than, wrong).  And, if possible align to pin point where might you hold that energy in your chakra system and/or your body.

Once you know more about the specifics of what the ego is reacting to, image the energy of that consciousness being held in your hand as explained in the video.  For instance, if the LVC is a feeling of not being good enough, then imagine that “darker” energy in your hands and send it loving light and healing…then let that light and healing fill your whole body to support deeper alignment, wisdom and an anchor into your wholeness.

Repeat this throughout the day to help you move forward so you can be the light in the darkness of any overwhelm!

Over time, as you practice this more throughout your day, this technique will support you when you lose your center.  It will help you return again to your bigger, aligned Core Being.

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