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DSC00174Last week’s video blog I discussed how to connect to your intuition and trust what you receive is valid!  (Here is the blog link in case you missed it.)

In this week’s video, I help you learn how to “Activate” your inner knowing so you move forward in creating a better life for yourself.

You see, it is one thing to know what your intuition says, yet it is another interesting challenge to take the steps to follow through and implement it into your life.

I am often asked, “Why can it be so hard to follow through and implement my intuitive knowing?”

The answer to this question is pivotal.  Without understanding why it can be hard to activate your inner knowing into your life, it can become much more difficult to foster positive change.

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But more back the the question, why IS change so hard?

It is because our brain gets wired to follow particular patterns of behavior and it can feel physically painful to change your habituated strategies and engage life differently- unless you also change your brain.

To foster higher consciousness, you must learn how to lean into the difficulties you face -in a particular manner and with a particular energetic frequency – or you can feel trapped in the quick sand of life. Check out the video to learn more!

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