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I am often annoyed by how people discuspower-of-forgiveness_t forgiveness. It is as if they miss the true power and point of forgiveness!

It is important to recognized, that forgiveness isn’t always healing – it depends upon “how” it is done!

You see it is so easy to skip over the pain the hurt has caused you.  You might just want to jump into, “No problem, I forgive you, I forget and I move on!” 

Yet, forgetting is not forgiving and this is the key point.

forgive1And, it is equally wrong to hold onto the pain, within you and risk being devoured by the anger and loss of power you can feel when you haven’t yet healed from the wrong done to you or you did to yourself. 

Check out this inspirational video helping you re-claim deep power within you through the forgiveness process! It will help you actually transform the hurt and emotional pain into a deep sense of power and wholeness. And, when you transform the pain to power, you then also learn the lessons the difficulty was meant to bring so the negative past doesn’t repeat.

What happened is not your fault, yet healing it and truly embodying healthy forgiveness is your solution to find! Check it out and if you want to take this deeper, come next weekend to an Awakening Event! (Details below)

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