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Is there a magic ticket to eliminate the clear source of your deepest painful, obstacles?

After reading self-help books, and taking countless workshops – is your tool chest full…yet still you’re looking for answers?

Do you want to find a better way to support others and yourself so you no longer get overwhelmed by the difficulties that show up.

tunnellightDo you wonder…how can that painful cycle end? Can it ever end?

Is there a way out so you can feel happy when a challenge comes your way because you know it has shown up for you, not to you?

Faith, LPC “This training was the best thing I have EVER done for myself and my career. Thank you Carolyn for showing me a new and better way to live my life and help my clients.” 

Because you know how to face any difficulty in a manner that brings you through the other side richer, better and more empowered!

Come find out Friday night 6-9pm $25mand Saturday 10-5pm. It is not another tool…it is the answer! Just $125 for this empowering event.

And if you join our Full-Certification Program, this workshop is free!

Contact me to register, 720-530-7621 or click on this link! http://mindenergybody.org/work-with-carolyn/personal-transformation-programs/

Nancy, Energy Worker and LPC
“Finally after studying so many different orientations, I found a true teacher in Carolyn.  She gets all the missing pieces and has integrated them into a system of change that is so profound and powerful I couldn’t belief it existed.  She offers a true paradigm shift – a better way so you won’t be hurt by your past or re-traumatized by feeling the negativity that holds you back!” 

Get the profound reveal you have been waiting for so you won’t need to discover any more tools.

Just as a sweater that has a snag will eventually unwind and fall apart, unless you learn to work all three mind, energy and body (ME-B Works) systems together-the fabric of your reality can also unravel.

For subtle energy is the building block of everything and it will lead the way for you, as you learn how to let it be that loving, wise support to clearly point you in the right direction.

You may already be sensing energy and are wanting to understand more about it. Since your reality is made up of particles of energy that vibrate at lower and higher levels of consciousness – you can get the super power abilities to understand how to re-build your reality to your highest good!

I look forward to supporting you!  

Sending love and joy along the way!


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