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Is there a “TIPPING” Point to create positive change and transformation? Who are you really?

Watch video before it is too late!  You see, you have a unique opportunity to join a powerful training that is offered only once a year and it is almost full. Just 2 Spots left to get certified in Mind Energy Body Transformation. So reach out now, and call me today before it is too late. Details below.
 Discover the Tipping Point to Change…-to getting the clients you really want,-to expanding your skills to a new paradigm of healing not taught by anyone.This Integrated, All-In-One Certification training is the strongest foundation for anything you want to accomplish in life.For instance, if you pull a thread on a tapestry, soon the whole tapestry will unwind.

You don’t want some hidden force unwinding the good you go with clients or the accomplishments you make in life. If you learn to work and transform all three mind, energy and body systems into one, then all the work you do for yourself and your clients can unwind.

Because there is a magical and pivotal quantum level of subtle energy that weaves the mind and body systems together, as you understand it, you understand everything.

Without sensing how it all connects together, you risk re-wounding clients, staying stuck in old patterns and letting your wounded false self run your life.

Come discover who you really are and awaken to your superpower gifts even more! Unwind the negative fabric of reality for both you and your clients.

How often are classes? once a month

How long are the classes? 2.5 Days (Friday afternoon, Saturday 10-6pm and Sunday 9-2pm.

How many days of training? 12 Classes for full-certification, each class is 2.5 days long. 15 hours a month.

When does it start? Sept. 25-27

What does it cost? $300 a class

How do I sign up?

Contact Carolyn 720-530-7621 carolyn@mindenergybody.org

You can right now pay the deposit, $300 at this link


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