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When interacting with clients, children or your own partner, it is skillful to create an atmosphere of safety and trust between the two of you.  Yet what does that really mean? Is some anxiety good?

Who or what are you really creating safety for? Does it mean you should protect their negative defenses or false self?

Or does it mean something else? 

What is fostering safety and trust and what is enabling negative behavior?

Check out this video to explore this question more! Also come to our awakening workshop to take this to the next level.  Details at: http://mindenergybody.org/work-with-carolyn/personal-transformation-programs/

WHAT IS SAFETY_ from Carolyn on Vimeo.


Part 1:

Find an Image That Helps You Feel Safe.  I often use the image of me on a hammock on the beach or in my husband’s arms.

Part 2:

How do you feel in your body when in your place of safety and trust. What are the sensations? For instance, surrender to open and feel warmth, flows, tingles, power and inner connection to safety and trust.

– Breathe through your lower body, middle then upper.


Chakrachart– Place one hand on the second chakra and the other hand on your heart chakra, breathe again as you imagine and feel the image in your body.

Part 3:

Continue as you connect breathe with awareness as you scan through your whole body…feeling the image, sensations, and emotions of safety and trust.

Scan your feet, lower legs, inner thighs, outer thighs, Root Chakra, Pelvis (front and Back), on upward through each chakra and each part of your body.

Surrendering into the sensations of safety and trust using breath, positive intention, and the image.

– 2nd Chakra: Lower back, Lower Abdomen;

– 3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus, Mid-Back;

-4th Chakra: Upper Chest/Back;

– 5th Chakra: Throat front and back, face, nose, teeth, cheeks, ears;

-6th Chakra: Forehead/Back of head; and

-7th Chakra: Crown of head.front_view copy



Part 4:

If negative feelings come in, discount them and only focus on the positive. If they still come in then do 10 jumping jacks or some physical movement and exercise then return to the meditation.


Part 5:

Remember, you are the beloved! Feel and be the beloved. Surrender to the higher frequencies of safety and trust. Let them in!

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