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Sensory Integration is the vehicle that keeps the body-mind connection running smoothly. It is the interconnection of all our senses that allows us to move through space with a sense of safety and security. It coordinates what we see, hear, and feel in our environment. From an energetic perspective, sensory stimuli are consciousness tools that regulate our energy system. When our sensory stimuli are activated into a state of alert or hyper-arousal (or to a state of collapse or hypo-arousal), it deregulates our energy system. Since energy is better explained as consciousness, as we learn to regulate the sensations in our body (including taste, smell, visual, and hearing) we can modulate our consciousness, our nervous system and our energy system.

For instance, each chakra regulates a different part of our sensory input. As explained earlier, the 1st chakra regulates sensations, the second emotions, the 5th hearing, taste and smell. If we have sensory integration challenges, as we gain experience in regulating our chakra system, we can overcome these challenges.

We can practice the following Body Connecting Sequence (BCS) on a regular basis and discover the gifts, challenges, and wisdom within us. Our cells and energy system hold consciousness. By doing this BCS, we can reprogram negative aspects of LVC into HVC and create more Choice Points for change. When completing the BCS, it is paramount for a Me-B enthusiast to learn to feel the actual sensations in the body, because these sensations are the doorway to the subconscious. Distortions in our subconscious create the misunderstandings, pain, and challenges in our lives. Learning to feel actual sensations provides a clear path to identify and transform these distortions.

Excel and Spiritual personality types might have the most difficulty feeling sensations of energy in the body. Compassionate and Heart-Centered types tend to have the easiest time. The Excel’s energy tends to be too tightly wound to feel sensations, and Spiritual types have energy that is not grounded into their bodies. As Excels and Spirituals learn to bring in the more expansive and porous energy of the Compassionate and Heart­ Centered types, their fields will expand, ground and become more balanced. Find the exercises in this book that help, beginning with the BCS on programming positive sensations outlined next.


Pause for 10 seconds or longer in each area of the body/energy system, as listed below. Feel all parts of your body and chakra system—dismiss nothing. Connect deeply with your breath and awareness as you melt into each area, just as butter melts on the grill. Notice what you notice as you scan, in sequence, various locations in the body, holding the intention of health and healing. You may also wish to hold the intention to achieve one or more of the BCS objectives outlined below.

  • Begin at 7th chakra, and the top of the head, 6th chakra, forehead, back of head, sides of head, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, tongue, lips, cheeks, jaw and cells/muscles bone.
  • Then 5th chakra, neck—front and back, shoulders—front and back, 4th chakra, chest, upper back, heart, lungs, arms, elbows, hands, and fingers, including muscles and bone.
  • Move to the 3rd chakra, mid-back and core center, stomach, liver, pancreas, intestines, spleen, muscles, cells and bones.
  • Now, melt into the 2nd chakra, lower back, lower abdomen, sex organs, large intestine, pelvis and sacrum down deep into the cells.
  • Spend time assessing, feeling, and sensing the 1st chakra, perineum, thighs, back of thighs, front/back of lower legs, ankles, feet, and toes, including muscles and deep into the bones.
  • Now tune into the Central Channel. Notice how thick it is, if it narrows, and to what extent the chakras (front and back) connect nicely into the central channel.
  • Now assess the Manifest Energy Line as it runs through the central channel in the center of the body. Remember, it is on a different vibration than the Auric level.

Repeat the BCS as many times as you want or need

in order to achieve any of the 8 BCS objectives.

Eight objectives for reprogramming ourselves during the BCS process:

OBJECTIVE 1: To program positive sensations of HVC into the physical dimension, including our cells, organs, and bones. This is the most important exercise for all of us to master. If we have a chronic mental or physical illness, this exercise is even more important.

As you scan through the BCS outlined above, notice where you feel positive sensations, using intention, breath, and awareness. Then invite sensations to come into your body and to grow and spread simply by noticing them and melting into them. Imagine energy coming into and through each pore, as if it were an energetic conduit. DO NOT will them or “make them” spread. Simply invite and support.

Any time we judge positive flows and sensations as being better than or worse than others, we distort the energy. So if there are any areas of pain, don’t judge them as being bad; just move more quickly through them and spend more time on the positive flows, tingles, and light. Where awareness goes, energy flowsso simply focusing on the positive creates more positive, if done without an agenda, judgment, or the need for anything to be fixed. Invite the good sensations to grow and spread to areas of low or no sensations.

What happens if we can’t feel any sensations? If this occurs, three steps may be helpful:

  1. Be patient and imagine your energy field as more porous; then practice receiving energy. Sometimes we don’t feel because we are so conditioned to give to others. In this exercise, we receive the positive into our body/energy system.
  2. Do some form of exercise, or pat up and down on the body with your hands, as explained earlier. As you rest, receive the charge into your body.
  3. Notice what you can, such as the touch of your clothes, hands, chair, wind, or breath. Once again, focus on what you can do, and let that be enough. Also, get support from a Me-B Guide to help you. Over time, with practice and support, we succeed.

OBJECTIVE 2: To assess our energy system so we can collect information about heath, energetic blocks, and Core Distortions in the body/energy system.

Begin by sequencing through the BCS 3 times, focusing only on the positive sensations as outlined in Objective 1 above. As you sequence through, notice where there are flows and no flows. If you are not sure, guess and use your imagination. Trust that you know more than you think you know.

Picking an area that might be misaligned, melt your awareness into the area you want to collect information from and ask a question you want to know the answer to. For instance, you might ask a question such as, “What negative belief about myself is held here?” Make sure your Enlightened Observer is engaged and strong as you connect deeply with your breath and awareness. You can also touch the area with your hand(s) and allow the energy from your hands to also meet the area.

Assessing Questions

Examples of what you can ask are:

·       What Core Distortion is here?

·       What wisdom can I receive?

·       How am I sabotaging myself?

·       What gift is here?

·       What positive/negative belief is here?

·       What Core Being aspect can I anchor into?

·       What negative ego challenge needs support, and how can I best heal it?

·       What am I pretending not to know?

·       What nutritional/exercise/health changes support me?

·       What are the lessons/gifts I can receive from this illness/emotion/difficulty?

The list is endless.

Either ask a question or set your intention to open to receive data. Information may come in the form of: direct knowing (7th chakra), visuals/images/symbols (6th chakra), auditory, smells, taste, sounds, words (5th chakra), intuition (3rd chakra), emotions/feelings (2nd chakra), and/or sensations (1st chakra).

OBJECTIVE 3: To ground more deeply into the physical dimension.

As you scan, in sequence, down though your body and the BCS, hold the intention of sinking deeper into your cells. Say the phrase, “release-down” at every stage of the sequence. For instance, say, “head: release down” . . . “tongue: release down” . . . “cheek: release down” . . . and so on. If you practice this enough, your field will automatically be programmed to ground anytime you say the words “release down.”



After some time, with practice, you will be able to reduce the BCS exercise to just six stages:

  1. “Head release down,
  2. shoulders release down,
  3. belly release down,
  4. hips release down,
  5. legs release down, and
  6. feet release down”

until eventually, just saying the words “release down” grounds you.

OBJECTIVE 4: To balance and charge your field.

Complete the Body Connecting Sequence at least three times and follow the procedure outlined below.

Be in both the Auric Dimension and the Manifest Energy while you connect to the intention of balancing and charging.

As you move through the sequence the first time, focus on where there are stronger energy flows and where you can kinesthetically feel positive sensations. Remain 30 seconds or longer in the high vibrational areas where you see, sense, and/or feel good sensations or flows. As you do so, program the words “balance and charge” into your field. Remember to say the words during the process. Eventually, just saying the phrase “balance and charge” will create a huge improvement in your field.

Make sure you move more quickly through areas of no sensation or areas where you feel or imagine pain, blocks, discomfort, difficult emotions, or low vibrational frequencies. (Move quickly, but don’t avoid the areas or judge them.)

During the second and third times through the sequence, remain even longer on the higher vibrational frequencies, melting into their sensation and inviting them to spread to areas of no or low sensation. Be careful to invite and not to “move” the energy. Release your judgment, or the energy won’t be as free to expand. Re­ peat the words “balance and charge” as you go.

Lastly, using awareness, breath, and intention together, invite your field to balance front/back, left/right, and top/bottom by melting collectively into the front of your body, then the back of your body, then the left, and then the right. If possible, even say the words “balance left/right, top/bottom, and front/back.” Our field follows our words. As we practice this more, we can get to the point where all we say are these words, “balance and charge front/back, top/bottom, left/right,” and our field is usually happy to reorganize to our wishes. If you smile, giggle, or feel joy while saying the phrase, it even increases the positive energies.

If done correctly and with practice, at the end of this exercise your field will be more balanced and charged. Over time, you can train yourself to actually feel energy in the body—so that tingles and flows can be felt strongly throughout at least 90 percent of the body. The skill of feeling sensations in the body links us closely to the subconscious. It is an important skill to develop.


Remember, if you don’t feel any sensations in your body, don’t worry. In time, with focus and positive intention, this can change. Begin by at least feeling the place where your clothes touch your skin, or where you feel the touch of the chair against you. You can also run in place quickly (or do any physical movements) for 20 seconds, and then stop and try again. Running expands your field by charging it and thus makes it easier to feel.

Work with a Me-B Therapist to assist you and continue to focus on what you can do. That creates more of the same—whereas when we focus on what we can’t do, we then get more of what we can’t do, which is counterproductive.

OBJECTIVE 5: To program your energy field to respond to cues and install positive energy such as safety, self‐esteem, strength, and comfort.

Our energy field responds to intention and is constantly being reorganized based on the signals we send it— even unintended signals from our subconscious. Our words and thoughts reflect our intentions. We can pro­ gram words or thoughts into our field, and our energy system will follow the cue.

Just as our field responds to the cue “release-down,” we can program other supportive cues such as safety, feelings of being enough, a sense of strength, feelings of compassion, and/or connection to Core Being. Any positive cue we choose can be programmed into our energy system. We already have so many negative cues programmed into our system; we might as well balance the scales by cueing or more deeply embedding positive expressions into our programming!

In times of stress, it may take longer for our energy system to restructure and accept a new cue. This is why there are three grades of cue programming. Grade 1 is the easiest stage to program because we program it for less stressful situations. Grade 2 is when we introduce a slight stress into our consciousness during the programming. Grade 3 is programming designed for high stress situations and takes quite a bit of skill to master.

To program a cue, you must first balance your field as explained in Objective 4 above then follow the procedure outlined next. You can program in various levels of each cue. The higher the level, the more solidly your energy system needs to be grounded into the cue.

To program safety, find an image that makes you feel safe, such as your bed or a hammock on a beach. If you are working with clients, they may have difficulty coming up with an image. Work with them to find one. As you move through the body connection sequence, at each body part say the words, “I am safe and secure” at the same time as you visualize the image of safety and feel positive sensations and energy in your body.

Grade 2 of this programming would be to expose yourself to a risky visualization that normally triggers fear (such as imagining you are doing the exercise at the same time as flying on an airplane or speaking in public) and then repeat the sequence until you are successful. Never move to Grade 3 until you have completed Grade 2 successfully.

Grade 2 and 3 Examples of Safe and Secure

I felt confident in my ability to feel safe and secure sensations throughout my body. My image was of sitting on the beach while I listened to the waves roaring. When doing the exercise, I was even able to conjure up the smell of salt in the air. Next, I imagined my father criticizing me, just imagined it. In the past I never said, “Dad, please don’t say that, it hurts.” I was always too scared to speak conflict directly to my father. Even on the little things.

I remember my dad took me to his favorite gym to exercise. I carried my water bottle, the one I used at my own gym. The lid was always secure, a yellow screw top with an aluminum cover. I loved it. As we walked into the exercise room, my dad kept commenting on what an awful water bottle I had—and couldn’t I have found a “normal” one? What he really wanted was a normal child who fit into his tightly defined box. On and on he went about my water bottle. At the time, for me to even say, “Mine is OK,” or “It doesn’t feel good to have you criticize my water bottle,” or “please stop” was much too much to even imagine.

So I used this example to cue my energy system to a Grade 2. While I sequenced through my body, I imagined my father complaining about my water bottle. I repeated the procedure, remembering to say the words, feel, and visualize (all three) until I could go through the sequence without my body or energy system negatively reacting to the image of the criticism.

Only then did I know I was ready to move to Grade 3. To achieve Grade 3, I repeated the words “I am safe and secure” internally to myself the next time my father or mother criticized me, while I spoke up in my own defense and said something like, “Please don’t talk that way to me” or “Your judgments hurt.” The first few times I did this, my field reacted in fear. But with practice, my field eventually responded strongly to the cue, and I was able to stay safe and secure. In the beginning, my parents took this change in my behavior harshly. How dare their daughter disagree with them? No one ever said no to my father. That was not ever allowed. But, eventually, because I could speak my truth without any angry charge, just clarity of intention, my parents and I became closer, for there was no fear or suppressed anger in the way.

As demonstrated in the above example, Grade 3 of the safety programming described above would be to place our self in a fearful situation while we run through the sequence. Practice this until your field and body sensations stay positive throughout the encounter. Fearful does not mean dangerous. This exercise is not meant to put us at unnecessary risk. Its goal is to normalize our abnormal responses to stress, so we can overcome fear that is based on past Core Distortions.

To program feelings of “I am enough,” the procedure is very similar to the programming of safety.

In fact, it is much more effective if we have already programmed in at least Grade 1 safety within our system, because feelings of being enough are often linked to needing external support or validation. If we can at least support our self in creating safety, then we are closer to the goal of programming self-validation— the focal point needed in order to program feelings of being enough.

As before, find a visualization that represents “I am enough.” You might choose a symbol, picture, or example of a time when you actually felt “enough.” Then as you visualize it, say the words, “I am enough” and move through the BCS, stopping and pausing at each part of the body and energy system as was detailed earlier. (Guide your client to find his or her own phrase that is correct for them.)

It is nice to finish this exercise with a Core Being connection exercise.

Depending upon an individual’s personality type, just programming in the energy of being “enough” could be incomplete. This is true especially if the person is an Excel or Compassionate personality type.

Allowing Imperfection

Often we need to add an auxiliary program of: “even when I make a mistake or someone doesn’t like me or approve of me, or they judge me, I am enough”. As you know, mistakes in this human dimension happen. Allowing imperfection to be perfect is the key. Our imperfections and mistakes are simply signs leading us deeper into releasing the personality level. They are inevitable and do not decide our value.

If we operate from the premise that we are all whole and divine, and we are journeying to connect deeper to that wholeness, then a mistake is the light in the tunnel, shining the way. Our mind, ego, and cultural programming can argue with this statement, but who is in charge? Is it our wisdom and Core Being, or our past programming?   We really can decide! We can use our energy system to create a boundary that says “no” to the past—or to a prison that locks us into our past.

NOTE: Other important components to program are strength versus collapse, and sensations of comfort. Follow the above procedures and remember to complete Grade 1 before moving to Grade 2. Then complete Grade 2 before moving to Grade 3.

OBJECTIVE 6: To program you or your client’s field to be able to accept the reality that others will dislike us, judge us, and even hate us.

Separation from god occurs the first time we move from the frequency of unconditional love to the frequency where judgment, hate, and heartbreak can exist. It can feel overwhelming, as the energetic arrows can attack us when we might be the most open.

This one is a bit more difficult, because we will be visualizing someone who hates us or who is sending verbal/energetic arrows into us as we say, “                   hates me.” We will have to keep our Enlightened Observer energy at a very high frequency as we do the BCS. If we don’t have a good connection to our Core Being, or if we are not at least at Stage 4 of Me-B TransformationTM, it is best to wait on this exercise until the imagined energy of attack is sure to melt away into HVC.

OBJECTIVE 7: To program you or your client’s field to quickly access and balance other dimensions and the consciousness held in those dimensions.

First, ground and balance your field as described above. Then connect to the dimension you want to program (such as Core Being, Manifest Energy, or Multi­dimensional Fabric of Interconnectedness). Say the name of the dimension as you connect with it.

As you connect to the energy dimension, say the name of the dimension and scan through the body. Eventually, just saying the name of the dimension will bring you into it, unless you are in defense or blocked by a Core Distortion. Then it might take longer, or you might need to look at the deeper issue that is in the way—a false belief, Core Distortion, trauma, etc.

OBJECTIVE 8: Anything we can think of—be creative.

The Universe really does want to support our intentions. Use this undeniable “cosmic” law to support yourself and your clients. Energy can be programmed for us to achieve our higher purposes. Use it to connect to meridians, organs, or whatever needs support.

How Often Do I Need To Program It? Whenever you feel attached to the energy of a negative program, it can be helpful to do a re-installment of the positive belief system. Thoughts move through us all day long. Some of them are positive, and some negative. It is our self-identification with the negative thoughts that causes problems. This self-identification or attachment is what needs to be transformed.

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