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Psychology Today Reports The Power of Kind Self-Talk

Everyone engages in self-talk, but is it always helpful? Do we sometimes bully ourselves in a manner that creates depression, anxiety even illness?

When LeBron James, the talented basketball star, decided to leave his hometown team and join a new team in Miami, he was met with anger and aggression by the Cleveland fans.

When facing the media frenzy, he responded by speaking to himself in the 3rd person, reported Psychology Today. (Weintraub, Yang; p. 53, June 2015)

“I wanted to do what was best for LeBron James, and to do what makes LeBron James happy,” he said. (Weintraub, Yang; p. 53, June 2015)

After seeing this interview as well as a similar one on television, Ethan Kross, psychologist and researcher decided to explore if the technique of speaking to oneself in the third person could be a positive way to address life’s stressful events.

“Kross has found that how people conduct their inner monologues has an enormous effect on their success in life. Talk to yourself with the pronoun I, for instance, and your likely to fluster and perform poorly in stressful circumstances.  Address yourself by your name and your chances of acing a host of tasks, from speech making to self-advocacy, suddenly soars,” reports Psychology Today.

For many years, I taught students and clients to stop bullying themselves by “being kind” to their human. I did this by encouraging them to say their name and then by speaking to themselves in a manner that comforts their inner pain.

In classes or private sessions, students look at how they can self-identify as the “bigger wholeness” sending love to the smaller “Carolyn” that feels lost and insecure.

Over the years, I have found this is the deepest skill you can learn if you want to transform the emotional pain and life challenge back to a positive successful outcome.

I call it the ability to hold two places at once.

Use the following daily practice to  help you (and your clients) master this powerful life affirming tool. 

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MEDITATION-Holding Two Places At Once

Speak From Your Wholeness -While Kindly Sending Encouragement to Your Inner Human!


Step 1: Put on soothing music. Then ground and come into your body.

Patting your legs with your hands or doing a few jumping jacks to help you feel sensations of warmth or tingles and flows in your legs.

Step 2: Then place one hand on your heart and the other on your stomach/solar plexus.  Imagine your inner wholeness to come in through the top of your head and down into your heart, then your lower body.  Again, feel the warmth of love, tingles and flows expand.

Step 3: Speak your name to yourself as if you were speaking to your best friend, child or lover. Speak words of encouragement, help (him or her) understand that he/she wasn’t connected to their true power when they acted in such a manner and that you will help them reconnect to their bigger and wiser self.

Speaking your name again give yourself loving advice and guidance of how to move through the challenge.  Then practice this exercise once a day for the rest of your life! 🙂

I do this at night before I go to sleep.  I review the day, take in the positive and explore what lessons I might learn.  I do this through loving self-talk and connection with emotions and sensations in my body.  I teach a 5 step process to do this fully. I call this formula of kindness and awakening the Secret Code and offer it online so you can do it in the comfort of your home.  Click here for details and to sign up!

And, if you need extra help or support, please feel free to reach out!

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