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smileThe answer to: “What is the Tipping Point”for positive success and change,” is a simple answer.  However, applying that answer during those stressful times can feel impossible!

So what is the answer?

…Can you love your imperfect, fearful or insecure parts when life gets you down?

For instance, when your partner rejects you, you lose a job or when you are sad and filled with anxiety and depressed – do you know how to connect to those challenges from wisdom and self-love?

And…do you know how to feel the emotional pain in a manner that it actually transforms into front_view copybliss and positive creation?

Come learn what the latest research says!

There are 5 Simple Steps and Skills to help you really change your life and create something better.  In essence, there is a magic ticket to eliminate the clear source of your deepest painful, obstacles.

Kathy Speak, MA in Counseling: “I studied EMDR, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing and many other forms of mindfulness and body centered orientations and I didn’t really get healing until I worked with Carolyn.  She has a profound and effective take on trauma work that the world needs to learn.  My clients heal faster and deeper and my own life has changed for the better.  Thanks Carolyn, you really get it! Thanks for helping me find me and my life path to self-mastery!” 


Come find out more December 4-5 (Friday night 6-9pm $25 and Saturday 10-5:30 pm). It is not another tool…it is the answer!

If you sign up before November 15th, it is only $87! Or, just $125 for this empowering event.

It’s the smart way to get ahead of the holiday stress!

And if you join our Full-Certification Program, this workshop is free!

Woman-yes-smallContact me to register, 720-530-7621 or click on this link! http://mindenergybody.org/work-with-carolyn/personal-transformation-programs/

Nancy, Energy Worker and LPC
“Finally after studying so many different orientations, I found a true teacher in Carolyn. She gets all the missing pieces and has integrated them into a system of change that is so profound and powerful I couldn’t belief it existed.  She offers a true paradigm shift – a better way so you won’t be hurt by your past or re-traumatized by feeling the negativity that holds you back!” 

In this training, you will find the answer to these questions and so much more:

  • Ever wonder what is self-love? And how can it lead  you to a life that is easier, less stressful, and more magical?
  • Do you ever wonder why you should love, why love yourself and why love hurts?
  • Is there a dark side to love? Could there be a wrong way to love?
  • And can love interfere with your own power and success?

Get the profound reveal you have been waiting for so you won’t need to discover any more tools.

Just as a sweater that has a snag will eventually unwind and fall apart, unless you learn to work all three mind, energy and body (ME-B Works) systems together-the fabric of your reality can also unravel.

For subtle energy is the building block of everything and it will lead the way for you, as you learn how to let it be that loving, wise support to clearly point you in the right direction.

You may already be sensing energy and are wanting to understand more about it. Since your reality is made up of particles of energy that vibrate at lower and higher levels of consciousness – you can get the super power abilities to understand how to re-build your reality to your highest good!

I look forward to supporting you!

Sending love and joy along the way!


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