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smileFor almost 10 years, I have followed a powerful Gratitude Practice.

Those who follow this profound practice report more success and positive manifestation.

To assist you during this holiday season, the day after Thanksgiving, I will teach you this time-tested practice in a free webinar.  Click Here To Save Your Spot!

In addition, during the webinar, you will learn:

  • How Being Grateful Can Bring You Love and Success.
  • The Role Forgiveness Can Play In The Gratitude Process.
  • How to Transform Pain To Power Including Any Anger and Bitterness That Can Get In the Way.


  • How Gratitude Can Shrink Your Painful Ego Parts and False Self.
  • The Role Gratitude Plays In Claiming Your Personal Power!
  • What Gratitude Has In Common With Manifestation!


Again, it will be live, Friday, November 27th at 1:00pm. Click Here To Reserve Your Place!

I find showing up for Webinars live, can be more powerful.  Yet, if you can’t attend live, for a limited time, a replay will be sent to your in box.
Sending love and joy along the way!

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