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Come watch this deep and profound Ted Talk on Nurturing Healing Love. This talk can give you insight into acts of violence and terrorism.

I hope it will inspire you so that you no longer get overwhelmed by your negative thoughts and emotions.  You see, those painful feelings and negative self-talk that play over and over again in your mind, are simply ego-based constructs. They are not real.

They do not represent the full truth of your wholeness.  They only show up in order to teach you a powerful skill set. A skill set to teach you how you can be compassionate to yourself, and how you can discover these magical skills I teach – the transformation of emotional pain and life challenge to bliss, power and the ability to awaken to the truth of who you really.

And, as you awaken to your own inner light, you can better serve the world. Chose to be someone that can heal the world and transform darkness within and around you so that it can re-claim its light too! For if not you, then who?

The self-mastery abilities you can learn, are needed for the world to awaken. Get the inner skills so you will learn how to deal with others in a kind yet truthful manner, so you can create nurturing healing love and open to the sacred truth hidden beneath the pain.

I teach a workshop this weekend to help you embody nurturing healing love! Come join us and change the world! Click This Link to Register or call/email me!  carolyn@mindenergybody.org 720-530-7621

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