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I confess, I never really understood the hoopla about pop_art_zombie_by_captainsarasparrow-d831jznZombies until recently.

A client helped me realize that there are many people walking around – as if they are “the living dead,” devoid of aliveness, joy and passion.

They are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, collapsed into their emotional pain and depressed.

If you ever feel “zombified” check out this awakening video to launch you to wakefulness, passion and aliveness!

Zombies-Are They Really Here, Or Is It Just….

Zombie Mind, Energy-Body Transformation Tips

  1. Exercise and pause between sets and feel sensations and emotions in the body.
  2. Practice Techniques that  connect your mind with your body such as: yoga, body-centered meditations (Viapassana),
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  4. Come in for a private session.
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