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Here is the replay of the New Year’s 2016 Energies training.  Below is the summary of the 5-Spiritual Laws referred to in the training.

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5 Spiritual Laws
To Consciously Create Your Life From

Have you ever looked around at the world and felt like, “What on earth are we doing here? Why aren’t more of us aware of the effects so many of our negative behaviors and short-term choices have on the quality of life we humans lead?”

Do you ever feel the following?

“Life is too hard; I get so stressed and overwhelmed but I so want to be a true leader and shift the less awakened parts within myself! I don’t want to add to the misery this world seems so adept at multiplying. I want to be a positive force to support a healthier world environment by starting with changing the aspects of myself that hold me back and keep me from actualizing my highest good, the life I love to live, and my spiritual wholeness!”


Well, if so, you are not alone.

This means that you are an awakened spiritual soul trying to navigate this human form and this strange place called earth. To help you on this courageous mission, and to help you live from your brilliance (Core Being) and not your smaller wounded parts, you can embrace and implement 5 Spiritual Laws so you can let the universe can have your back!

Let the Laws be a guide to support you so the energy of pain and challenge transforms to wholeness and positive creation.

Living these 5-Spiritual Laws empowers you to positively rule your life.

EinsteinAlbert Einstein said that you can’t solve your problems with the same consciousness that created those problems.

In this same vein, Spiritual Law #1 states that your current view of yourself, (sense of self) decides the quality of life you live in and create. In other words, your current sense of self, creates your reality. So, if you are connected to your spiritual wholeness/higher self (Core Being) you will create a reality that serves your highest good.

However, if you are connected to your wounded, ego-based personality, you will create a reality that mirrors the negative aspects of those Lower Vibrational Consciousness (LVC) parts.

Note: Examples of energy that holds High Vibrational Consciousness include: wisdom, empowerment, joy, Core Being and balance. Examples of energy holding LV C include: fear, insecurity, defense, ego, depression, stress and anxiety.

 Examples of HVC and LVC

Energy is Consciousness that connect the mind with the body. It holds both high and low vibrations.

High Vibrational Consciousness (HVC) = Core Being, Presence, Positive Intention, Balance

Low Vibrational Consciousness (LVC) = negative beliefs & images, depression, anxiety, false self, illness

Throughout your day, it serves you to recognize when you are in the brilliance of your Core Being and when you are in your smaller self.


Flowing RocksSpiritual Law #2 states that you are not the emotional pain and challenge you are currently feeling! Emotional pain is just energy that flows through you. Usually, it is generated from your ego. It is not meant to define you or be your sense of self…yet too often that is exactly what it does. Just as a river flows over rocks, emotional pain, attack, stress and life challenge is just energy-it is NOT YOU and it should not IMPACT your view of yourself. You are the flow of water, not the rock.

Yes, you end up feeling the pain of hitting a rock, but that pain and that rock is not you. Self-mastery happens when you never forget you are true essence, focused flow and spiritually whole.

Even when you don’t always believe it or interact with yourself and the others around you from that deeper wholeness, that does NOT negate your true nature. It does not negate your need to find the way back to the anchor of your Core Being, as quickly and kindly as you can.


erase brainSpiritual Law 3 states that your negative ego and defensive parts of your personality create a strong internal programming inside your brain and body’s nervous system so the energy of your negative past repeats in similar themes and circumstances throughout your life. I

I call this inner programming your biological consciousness container. It limits your ability to maintain that sense of connection to your flow and essence of your brilliance-Core Being.

The part of you that “runs” or “executes” this “less awakened” biological program, is what I call your negative ego-based personality. Change the negative program, change your reality, and change your life!


auric_powerSpiritual Law 4 says that difficult life experiences happen for you-not to you! In essence, this means that only you can shift the reality you are currently experiencing. And, over the years, the key to doing this is self-love and never letting yourself collapse into feeling you are a victim. Instead use this system so difficulty becomes an opportunity for deeper wisdom, learning and awakening.

If you focus only on what is wrong in your life, you will perpetuate the wrong. Yet, if you go in the other direction and you deny the negative event or avoid your feelings, the event will be sure to stay. As you find the balance, never condemn yourself for your mistakes, and move through the story “narrative” of the past, you will transform what isn’t working in your life and move forward into what works!


core beingSpiritual Law 5 acknowledges that you are completely whole, already! You just aren’t yet living completely from your spiritual wholeness because there are some “clouds” covering the sun of your Core Being so it is very hard for you to maintain that clear perception of wholeness.

To help you remove those clouds, you must be in contact with them, touch them and transform them. This is why your pain is the energetic portal Source gives you to mark the path back to the home of your Core Being.

So when you feel lost or left behind, know you can find the pathway back through transforming the challenge of life’s pain. Yet, if you connect to the pain or challenge in your life with the same consciousness that created the pain, you will create more pain.

This is why it is so important to recognize the clouds when they show up. As you learn to use the pain in your life and transform it back to power, wisdom and spiritual wholeness, life becomes a magical journey of fun and joy.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to live your best life, be your best self and manifest your highest good. The 5 Spiritual Laws home study course is the perfect step toward fulfilling these goals!

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Reminder, you only have a few days to take advantage of the 5 Spiritual Laws Academy and the Bonus Offers so sign-up now to receive the extra support!  Here is the registration link.)

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