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False Ageements Made As A Child from Carolyn on Vimeo.

In the spiritual, healing and mental health communities, there is often discussion about “un-supportive soul contracts“.  A negative soul contract is when someone, before birth, makes an agreement that might have been useful for them to honor at one point in their soul’s journey, but becomes very unhealthy in their current lifetime.

In this video, I discuss a similar topic, yet one that has been more powerful in both my life and my students and clients lives and that is – childhood vows that were made as a result of traumatic young experiences.

For instance, I have one client that vowed to never trust anyone because her parents betrayed her so deeply. And another client vowed as a child to always take care of others, and never put herself first.

These hidden “contracts,” made as a child, can hold you back in your life.

Follow the 5 Tips below to identify, then heal your hidden vows that cause pain and limitation in your life.  Also, in a workshop on Feb. 19-20, I will help you heal these hidden contracts as well as support you in transforming other important barriers preventing you from living a bigger, happier and more successful life. Click Here!


sad_angel_child_by_annemaria48-d6tkjbiTip 1 Identify The Unhealthy Childhood Vow “Contract” That Is Holding You Back!

The easiest method to discover that unhealthy vow you took on as a child is to look at,  “What negative pattern is happening today?” 

It is probably a pattern that is habitual, self-limiting and reluctant to change. It may even feel like this vow is placing a brick wall in your way of living a connected and joyful life.


iTip 2 Explore Deeply How You Are Following That Pattern Today. For Instance, What is the Negative Emotion That Feeds the Vow and Where do You Feel That Emotion In Your Body, Energy System.

Specifically, how is this negative pattern affecting your career, health or relationships. Get very clear and concrete as to exactly how it influences your life today.

Clearly identify the emotion and belief.  Then, explore where it is held in your body and which chakra(s) hold that pattern in your energy field. Often it can be held in your heart chakra or third chakra. Feel free to reach out for a free 20 min energy and consciousness reading if you are not sure where it is held. Click Here To Schedule It!


chakra-diagramTip 3 What Is The Positive Alternative to the Negative Vow

If your negative vow was that others should always be more important than you, the positive alternative might be that your self-care can be primary.  Or maybe you might embody the healthy vow that you can’t “fix” anyone yet you can support them to heal themselves. 

Whatever the negative vow is that you uncovered, take the time to really open to embodying the positive alternative.  By doing so, you give yourself a life changing gift of wholeness and spiritual awakening!



Tip 4 Feel the Positive Alternative, With the Help of the Enlightened Observer (good enough loving energy like Quan Yin, Mary…etc)

Wherever you go, there is love – if you can let it in! And if you can’t get it from a physical person, at least let in the love from Source or your spiritual guide.  This is what I call the Enlightened Observer.  The positive energy of your Enlightened Observer can help you transform even the most painful emotions and vows.

Allow yourself to open and develop what clinicians might call external love and support from a “positive attachment figure” who can shine love and light upon yourself when you are having difficulty cultivating that positive loving energy yourself. 

To receive the positive energy of the Enlightened Observer, first take time to ask for that love from Source.  You then pause, and open to receive it into your mind, energy and body systems!

Surrender and allow it to come in the crown chakra at the top of the head and then let it melt down your body through the jaw, neck, shoulders, upper chest, upper back and on down until it fills your nose to your toes!


energy home module 14Tip 5 Using the good energy from the Enlightened Observer, and Feeling the Positive Alternative together, let the healing energy of the healthy vow into your Mind Energy and Body Systems

Just as it can be easier and quicker to blow up a skyscraper than to build one, it can feel easier to keep the negative vow than to transform it.  In this last tip, I encourage you to be kind and patient with yourself while you deepen into receiving the positive vow to replace the negative vow.

Use what I call the Enlightened Observer energy of your “spiritual guide” to help you.  It really is about letting go to receive the positive alternative within your body and energy system.  Ask for Source or your spiritual guide to shine the positive light upon you and open to let it rain down upon you.  And, as always, feel free to reach out for love and support!

Lastly, you are invited to attend our weekend workshop and take these self-regulation and awakening skills to a deeper level! Click Here! http://mindenergybody.org/work-with-carolyn/personal-transformation-programs/
Sending you love and joy along the way,


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