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In light of Valentine’s Day coming next month, this week’s awakening energy psychotherapy tips will support you so you never, ever, let anyone tear your beloved from your arms.

Unfortunately, this is a harder task than you might think because we all can let, what should be our deepest love, be pulled from the blissful support of unconditional kindness, wisdom and gentle care.

Yet, in energy psychology where you work all three mind, energy and body system as one – this level of self-mastery is easier.

So who is the beloved I am talking about? And why does this happen?

Below is information on the brain science of love and 2 Tips on how to stop your beloved from being torn from your arms! Fundamentally, if you are to develop close love outside of you, your deepest beloved must become your inner love for yourself.

So what does that mean and can you find external love if you don’t perfectly love yourself? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is outlined below.

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2 Tips So You Never Disconnect From Your True Love!

The concept of love involves having an emotional bond to someone for whom one yearns. In the energy psychology work I teach, I help people develop this same deep love for themselves – their true self, which I call your Core Being.

Unfortunately, cultivating the ability to love your beloved, when it is yourself, can be a very difficult task. 

Yet, in your effort to manifest healing, awakening and higher consciousness – if you are not skilled at relentless and unconditional self-love, it makes navigating this often trying world much more difficult.

I call it being able to cultivate the super power ability to self-identify as your Core Being while you can “be kind to your human” during times of stress and overwhelm.

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Tip 1: Oxytocin can promote self-love or inhibit it.

The word “love,” derives etymologically from words meaning “desire,” “yearning” and “satisfaction” and shares a common root with “libido”.

Thus, the psychological sense of love can be interpreted as referring to the satisfaction of a yearning, which may be associated with connecting to physical sensations in the body.

In terms of the brain chemistry of love, there is a close connection with reward and pleasure phenomena. Studies indicate that the neurotransmitters supporting love between people just beginning a relationship, lasts only a short time – around 1 year or so at the most. After that, in order for the bond to last, oxytocin must be formed.

I teach my students:

1) Self-identify as your Core Being And Not your false self, ego, negative emotions and beliefs. This also promotes oxytocin release for the goal of self-love!

Develop the skill to deepen your bond with your true sense of self in a manner that when you connect to your inner wholeness, oxytocin is released into your brain and body systems.

The task of identifying as your wholeness and not your false self (negative emotion, ego or life challenges) is very difficult – yet it an essential skill.  I would say one of the most important life skills to master if you are to cultivate self love.

I call this skill, learning to hold two places at once – the place of distortion, and the place of wholeness!  Others have called this the ability to live in a meta cognitive reality!

I encourage you to find the inner courage to self-identify as your wholeness during those dark, and difficult times.

2) Feel the energy of your true self (Core Being) as a sensation and as an emotion of bliss in your body.

When you actually feel the emotion as well as the sensation of your wholeness in your body, you:

  • Promote the formulation of oxytocin and thus you also
  • Promote the connection and bond to self-love

Too often during stressful times, you feel emotions that make you spiral into anxiety and depression.  This is because you link our sense of self, to the emotions you are feeling.  If something happens to make you feel happy, then you feel can feel you are good.  If something happens to make you feel sad, you can feel less successful or less confident in your place in the world.

As you discover the ability to separate your sense of self from the emotions you are feeling – you foster a deep bond with your Core Being.  The release of oxytocin can support this bond or make it more difficult to cultivate.



TIP 2 – Self Love Means You Remain Your Own Beloved When Mistakes or Failures Occur

When your partner divorces you, and your child comes home with a failing grade, or you make a huge financial failure, can you still hold yourself in your own arms with love and kindness?

It can feel impossible to send yourself love when it feels as if the sky in falling in upon you and you were the cause!

One reason this happens, is because the bonding hormone of oxytocin fails to release – and thus, you lose the bond between the “human you,” and your bigger more brilliant Core Being self.

Unfortunately, when hardship happens, this is when you need to be able to send yourself kindness, wisdom and self-love the most. 

In essence, this is when your inner human, needs your bigger wholeness, to show up for you and help you so that you can find the solution to your challenge.

As you develop the skill to promote self-love during less stressful times, your mind, energy and body systems become programmed to release oxytocin, during stressful times as well.

In essence, don’t wait until life gets hard, begin now and practice the skills to connect to the emotion and sensation of your Core Being, spiritual wholeness. 

Here is a meditation to help you along the way! And, if you want to learn more, come to our Feb. 19-20 event! Details Click Here!



Part I

Ground deeply and do movements—such as dancing to music—to balance and charge your energy field. Imagine it balanced front to back, top to bottom, and left to right. Once you feel more connected and balanced, place your awareness on the Core Being energy vortex located 1½ inches below your belly button, in the center of your body. List 5 qualities that represent your spiritual wholeness such as I am compassionate, integrity….

Part II

Imagine a ball of energy the size of a dime glowing with your unique essence. To the extent possible, notice its color, light, sensation, image, smell, taste, and sound. Breathe deeply into that space, and imagine the glowing ball of your unique essence expanding to the size of a tennis ball. Just as a balloon expands, imagine the energy of your Core Being increasing in size. Once again, spend time breathing into its center, feeling its sensation. It is the conduit for the divine source of you. Sense it, know it, and intuit it.

Part III

If you want, place your hands on the Core Being area to help it charge and expand. The sensation of it often feels like tingles of wholeness. Begin to feel your wholeness. Melt into the center of your Core Being again, and this time let it expand further—to the size of a volley ball. Imagine it front and back, top and bottom, left and right. With every in-breath, go back to the center of the energy ball. With every out-breath, expand outward until this sphere of light fills your physical body and your outer energy field, an egg-shaped zone of energy extending about 2.5 feet from the body (see Chapter on Energy Fields).

Part IV

As you anchor into your center during the in-breaths, you may notice negative emotions. You can expand through these outwardly to connect to your Core Being. With every in-breath, go back to the center of your light. With every out-breath, expand further until your light fills all the cells in your entire body and your outer energy egg. Remember, always to return to the center to let your Core Being expand out. Just as an atom splits open and discharges energy, going into your center splits open more of your Core Being and lets it expand outward.

You know you are in our Core Being (Spiritual wholeness) when you experience the following:

  • We have no judgment or denial of our imperfections.
  • We have clarity that the pain and difficulty in the moment is perfect.
  • We completely accept our mistakes as learning opportunities.
  • We acknowledge that we are the metaphorical “I” in the hurricane which we can anchor into in times of stress.
  • We are glad that we are who we are, and not someone different.
  • An island of safety exists within us that we trust for support and security.
  • We feel like a beautiful sunny beach, and our imperfections are only grains of sand that help us learn, grow, and transform.
  • Negative AND positive emotions are energies that run through us, versus concepts that define who we are.
  • We can feel the sensations of tingling and flow throughout our body and outer energy system.
  • Our ego and defenses don’t define our actions and words.
  • It is easy to acknowledge the deeper truth of a situation even when we are attacked and told we are “bad.”
  • We can easily mirror our positive sense of self back to ourselves.
  • We love and comfort ourselves even when we wish someone else would save us.
  • Positive intention flows effortlessly.
  • Our positive and negative ego is silent. There are no judgments, just understandings.


Sending love and joy your way,



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