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Those “Aha” moments are priceless!

Like a rocket, your intuition can launch you forward into deep insight and clarity so you can manifest a better outcome for yourself.

Is there a way to cultivate that intuitive ability and use it to help yourself and help others? 

What does the brain research say is the best way to foster intuition and insight? And, how can your brain get in the way of intuitive or spiritual awakening?

As I mentioned in the video – your gut is your brain. I actually shot the above video last year. Yet, with this new research in Psychology Today, it was worth playing for you again!

As mentioned in the video, for years I have been teaching about what I call the “higher brain” over-ride.

This is when the front of your brain can suppress your intuitive “hits” and negate the value of the message that the back of your brain and gut is sending.

According to the April 2015 Psychology Today article by Bruce Grierson, your “Eureka” flashes of insight can happen more often if you follow some of the research recommendations they outline in the article.

And, since for decades, I have taught people to develop their inner skills, this research is extra valuable, because it substantiates my own experience and practices as to how students can develop these skills easier and with less strugle!

According to the article, William Miller, an emeritus professor of psychology and psychiatry, interviewed 55 people for his book Quantum Change.

It explained that the way it feels when receiving “a message” is similar among those interviewed.

“It seemed more like a message revealed to them from outside than something their own minds had ginned up. It felt foreign, mystical even,” the article reported.

blue mind

Then in 2004, Mark Beeman, a cognative neuroscientist and leading investigator of insight and creative cognition did additional research and found the idle brain is the intuitive brain.

Specifically the article explained that there was:

Low cortical arousal in the front of the brain, as it powered down to let the creative work happen, and then it would have a burst of activity in the front again – as the neocortex got down to the business of editing the information.

The brain in “idle,” it turns out, is actually farm more active than the brain in conscious engagement.

Specifically, the resting brain, saw that there was essentially a party going on in the dark. 

The default mode network, is exploding with neurogenesis, crackling with inter-connectivity, and burning perhaps 20 times the metabilic resources of the “conscious” brain.

The brain’s resting-state circuitry (which is turned on, paradoxically, when you stop thinking and just veg out) is thus very likely the best place to park a problem, for it employs the best, wisest and most creative mechanics.


As mentioned in my video, you must move out of your higher (front) brain and into your body.  You can also learn to connect to your higher self (true self) and open to receive information from the body and back of the brain by turning off your “thinking brain”.

This can be more difficult than it seems.  For instance, if someone tells you to stop thinking – what are you most likely to do?

Of course, you start thinking – and chances are, you will think even more!

Below are Tips to help you!



  • Practice is very important.  Some people wake in the morning and put a piece of paper in front of them (or computer) and start to write and see what comes out.


  • You can also practice reading someone else.  Have a friend ask you a question, and you practice receiving the answer!



I get my best insights when I am in a spinning class or hiking up a hill and then focus on feeling my body.  By distracting my thinking, I awaken my intuition!

I always bring a piece of paper with me to spinning – so, after the class is over, I can write down my insights and intuitive downloads before I forget.

Find a body-centered method (yoga, running) to keep your mind focused on movement and the sensations in your body.  Then, when your mind is focused on something else, receive the download of information that will surely come in!


Learn how to spin, assess and regulate your chakra system. 

As you do this, you are actually training your mind to focus on a regular practice  – a practice where you give yourself the task of sensing the energy of insight and intuition. Soon, you will experience your skills advance.

This is because, as you learn to assess and sense subtle energy – you eventually learn how to also better sense the consciousness (emotions, thoughts, beliefs and wisdom) that energy represents.  

You see energy is the physical medium that connects the mind with the body.  As you can track it’s content, you foster your intuitive skills as well.  (free video on chakra spining)


If you are in your body, and noticing the sensations in the body – then meditation can help foster deep insight and intuition.  Yet, it can be important to really feel sensations in the body so that you move out of that “thinking” brain and into your intuitive brain!


  • Power down though meditation
  • Break a Sweat
  • Hit the Road and Go on A Trip
  • Listen to NPR, A Radio Show
  • Read
  • Chew on a Koan (A Riddle that Can’t Be Easily Solved)

Whichever way you chose to teach your brain (and best self) to open to intuition, insight, and wisdom – don’t give up! 

You will gradually improve and discover what works for you.

And, if you need extra support, I hope to see you at one of my weekend trainings.  The next one is March 25-27.  For early registration discount click here before the price goes up and while there is still space!

Sending love and support along your way,


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