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So many of us can go around skimming the surface of life and missing the lessons that will lead uschakra animation to deeper awakening in our careers, relationships and lives!

In this week’s Video, I teach you a new way to think about chakras so you get the wisdom and the internal changes necessary to launch yourself forward to that dream you hope you can make come true!


  • Did you know that chakras are incarnation vessels?
  • And that each chakra has a unique wisdom to teach you?
  • Did you also know that as you age, the lessons change? In fact, every day did you know the wisdom can change?


Because your energy system is the foundation that creates: your health, connection to whole self, and the wiring of your brain and nervous system – learning to listen to your chakras more clearly, empowers you to:
(1) identify,
(2) then change whatever it is, that holds you back in life! 


Every morning I wake up, and every night before I go to sleep, I assess the consciousness in my chakras and ask, “What do I need to learn from them today!”


The process of quickly assessing your chakras – then noticing which chakra holds the lesson for the day – is simple, quick and easy. 


And, if you commit to practice it 10 minutes a day for 6 weeks in a row – it gets so much eaiser and quicker.


Eventually, after a little practice – you will wake up knowing which chakra to listen to so you can better start your day and which chakra to listen to so you can better end your day!


For instance, if a chakra feels blocked, slow or undercharged – that is a sign your inner human needs love and support in a very specific manner.


It is also a sign there is a negative emotion or belief that is holding you back.


And, the chakra needs you to listen to it, love it and help it transform so you gain the valuable lessons and wholeness you were meant to embody! Check it out!




I hope you enjoyed the video.

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Sending love and joy along the way,


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