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Spring is a great time to cleanse – yet there is one toxin that is very important to address, yet many of you may leave it out.


For instance, so many of you take great care of your body – yet, when I look at why people feel unhappy and have stress and overwhelm (relationship, financial and other life challenges) there is one main component to include in your cleanse so you successfully shift the blocks in your life.


It is a key self-mastery skill that when it is embodied – I see miracles happen in people’s lives.


So what is that one major toxin to cleanse in your spring cleanse – actually, I recommend you cleanse it everyday? It is the inability to love and be kind to yourself when life is difficult or when you have made a terrible mistake.


In essence, self-hate and the inability to be kind and compassionate to your inner human imperfect parts – is a huge toxin that can hold you back in life.


Because when things go wrong, that is when you need self-love the most.


So I ask you, even encourage you – to cleanse self-hate from your life during your spring cleanse – for it is the true toxin that can debilitate and harm you.


It is great that you want your colon clean, and candida eliminated from your body – yet what might be even more important (or at least as important) is to cleanse self-hate from your mind, energy and body systems!



Follow the Tips below to do a Spring Cleanse of Toxic Self-Hate, Harshness and Negative Self-Talk



List all the ways your lack of self-love is habitually expressed when life doesn’t go your way!



For instance, when I am not “cleansing” and transforming my self-hate – I can literally feed my self-recrimination by eating something sweet. Usually it is Ben and Jerry’s!


What are your unhealthy and toxic ways of being mean to yourself? Do you loop in negative thoughts? Not give credit where credit is due? Or do you feel that those negative emotions and experiences reflect your inner lack of value?


Being clear of your negative habituated responses around lack of inner self-love are the most important fist step to eventually replacing the “feeding” of the self-hate and negative judgments within yourself.


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Write out the consequences your lack of self-love brings into your life.




Self-hate hurts. And it creates negative push back in your life. Specifically, what is that negative push back you experience from your self-hate?


For instance, is it lack of confidence? Does it make “your picker off” so you fail to pick the right partner? How does if affect your work or your ability to be a good parent?



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When Stress Triggers You Out Of Self-Love, Practice Being Kind to Your Inner Human




As much as you might believe there is a spiritual wholeness within everyone, during difficult times, you can easily forget you are that wholeness.


This is when your negative limbic reactive brain takes over and you forget you are so much more than you think you are.


In essence, you shrink or react in a manner that doesn’t honor the deeper truth of you!


So yes, there is a human within you (all of us) that can too often run the show in your life, make mistakes – and be imperfect.


When this happens, you can lose connection to your true self and you can instead self-identify as your false self or ego.


This is when your inner human needs your help. And, if you don’t help him or her, they can spread toxic self-hate and be cruel.


Your inner human needs you to cleanse the self-hate and remember that you are really whole, wise and complete at the level of your Core Being.




That those painful life moments show up for you – not too you!


They show up for you because they are actually an energetic portal, you can use to incarnate more of your wholeness into your beloved human form.


As you learn how to be kind and compassionate to your imperfect, painful human parts – you can eventually gain the wisdom and wholeness that the “stress” was meant to bring to you.


However, the converse is true too. If you are mean and attacking to the parts within you that are feeling overwhelmed, unhappy or less than – you prevent yourself from getting the lessons. That brings us to Tip 3!






Take time and get support so you can self-identify as your wholeness (Core Being) and send love to the insecure, defensive and reactive human parts that can hold you back



During this year’s spring cleanse – set aside time to cleanse your self-hate. And, practice sending love, wisdom, kindness and understanding to those imperfect human parts.


For instance, you can:

  • Set a timer on your phone to remind you to send love to the judging or insecure parts


  • Schedule an appointment with a qualified practitioner who can help you transform the beliefs or false self that trigger you to be mean and unkind to yourself


  • Do a retreat where you are guided into self-love and self-acceptance and wisdom about your imperfect parts or of your emotional pain


  • Create a self-hate cleansing plan and implement it.





Learn to accept your imperfect human parts as being completely perfect!



As annoying as it may be, your failures and imperfections are actually the polish that can awaken more wholeness.


I say it is annoying – because no one wants to have failures or difficulties. Yet if you embrace them as the polish for your inner diamond, you can then be open to receive their gift.


For instance, my family is going through a very difficult time right now. And, it would be so easy to blame, judge and attack. Yet, that method will only create a more negative reality and can ensure that things will get worse.


However, as you explore how to accept what is happening – through self-love, wisdom and kindness – you can then open to creating something better.


Acceptance of your human parts is a powerful self-mastery tool and it will heal many negative toxins from your mind, body and energy systems!


So enjoy your spring cleanse – and I hope you also include cleansing those negative aspects of self that can be mean and unsupportive!


I am doing a workshop May 27-29 that will help you in this process! It is devoted to teaching you how to feel those negative past and present events and emotions in a manner where they transform so you get the riches of your inner Core Being wholeness. Details click here!



Sending love and support along the way!





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