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Hello!  What every healer, therapist, parent, and coach needs to know about anxiety and stress will be presented in my free online training. Spread the word and sign up today so you don’t miss out!


It is Tuesday, May 24th at 6pm!

Yet, if you can’t make the exact time, as long as you click the link and register, you will get the replay.  We’re Going To Show You…
  • How to receive the lessons that anxiety can teach the spiritual traveler
  • The ultimate source of anxiety – and how to heal it
  • How anxiety can be a blessing and not a curse
  • What you need to know about the biology/brain science of anxiety, and how subtle energy awareness and spirituality can help transform it


Again, here is the link to sign up!  http://mindenergybody.org/anxiety-stress


Sending love and joy along the way,


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