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Being present while doing the dishes is an old “beginner’s mind” meditation meditationpractice.  However, that technique never did anything but create frustration and confusion in me. 


The truth is, the practice of “being present” in the moment can be done in a manner that can initiate more pain and confusion or that can awaken deep wholeness, wisdom and positive manifestation! There is so much talk about being present in the moment that you would think it is this magical technique that could immediately shift stress and pain away. 


However, it is simply not that easy!


You see, being present in the moment begs you to be aware. Yet what I want to assist you with today – is learning how to assess the quality of awareness you have when you are “present.”


How to Assess The Quality of Presence!


Something known as the “Maya” – the illusion – prevents you from full presence.  That, and the denseness of the physical body, how your brain is wired, and your ego make it hard to be fully present with the deeper truth of reality, and of your magnificent wholeness.


As you learn how to assess the quality of presence – you are then more able to notice, in the moment, how to shift to a deeper version of presence. As you learn to transform to a deeper version of presence, you also open to a more accurate embodiment of truth and alignment.


And, as a result, you become better skilled at cultivating healing presence for yourself and for those around you.


What I am really inviting you to learn, is to track the energetics  (quantum reality) of your presence.  As you begin to track the energy and consciousness of presence, you then can discover what level of presence you are creating.


In traditional meditation programs, they don’t ask you to assess the subtle energy of your meditation practice – yet in Mind Energy Body Transformation, we do. 


It makes an amazing difference in your meditation practice when you can actually assess the quality of your meditation energetically!


I teach students to assess the energetics of the following:


  • Connection to Core Being (spiritual wholeness)


  • Level of differentiation, detachment and individualization from the emotional pain or challenge you may be noticing


  • Level of energetically merging with the emotional pain they may be noticing


  • Level of false self and negative defenses (such as freeze, blame, collapse, disassociation…)


Next time you meditate, get curious and assess the subtle energy of your present moment! 


Here are some tips on how to do this.


Tip 1: To what extent do you feel tingles and flows in your body?

If you can’t feel sensations in your body, that is a lower level of energetic presence. Or, if you only feel blocked energy and emotional pain, that is a level of presence that is indicating your false sense of self is over-identifying with a negative belief or emotion.


In other words, that “blocked energy” is an aspect of self that is asking for love and healing.  It is asking to be met with kindness, self-love and compassion. As you learn how to do that more skillfully, the “pain” transforms to power, wisdom and wholeness.


Tip 2: To what extent do you feel emotions in your body?

If you can’t feel any emotions in your body, or if you can only feel them in your head, that is a lower level of energetic presence.


Everyone can eventually develop the skills so that they can always feel the emotion and sensation of the quality of presence they are experiencing.


If you want more support on this topic, there are two events you can attend.  Amy Lynn, ATR-BC, LCPC, LPC, my top Instructor, is hosting a party, free demo and networking  on Wednesday, June 22.  Amy will offer valuable tips and show you how she has incorporated Mind Energy Body Transformation work into her successful private therapy practice in Boulder and Denver. This event begins at 7pm and will offer light refreshments. There will be a hands-on demonstration at 7:45, and the event will provide a great networking opportunity for your practice! Register and RSVP Here for the Free Event!


And, I would love for you to come to my July workshop, also in Denver.  You will be learning to assess the level of health of your nervous system and learn how to create deep presence by shifting the energy holding you back!  Click Here for registration!






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